How to choose a video blender

Have you decided to buy a blender in order to cook different dishes faster and more convenient? A video review of different models with useful tips on the characteristics, materials, the principle of operation of the device will help you make a competent choice and use the equipment for a long time without problems.

No comfortably equipped kitchen can do without a blender. But how to choose high-quality kitchen appliances? First of all, decide on the type of device: do you need a submersible or stationary model.

Submersible is ideal for:

  • those who value functionality;
  • cooking small portions;
  • compact storage;
  • making mashed soups directly in the pan.

Such models have interchangeable nozzles and can be used as choppers or mixers. It is especially suitable for whipping cream, eggs, etc.


Be sure to pay attention to the package bundle. The cost of the device depends on it. Available nozzles include spice mills and container vacuum pumps. These devices are also available for stationary models.

Stationary is suitable for:

  • making mashed potatoes, cocktails and sauces;
  • users who do not want to perform mechanical work;
  • Those who want to save themselves from tedious cleaning (self-cleaning function);

great kitchen.


As for the power of the device, its main range varies from 200 to 1200 watts. Choose a device depending on which products you plan to use the device. The harder, denser the product, the greater the value required to grind it.

The following categories can be distinguished by softness levels:

  • mashed soups, fresh vegetables and fruits - up to 500 W;
  • frozen berries, nuts - up to 900 watts;
  • the dough is above 1000 watts.

Bowl volume

The type of product also affects the required capacity of the grinder:

  • For cocktails, soups, a capacity of up to 2 liters is required.
  • Up to 1 liter is enough to grind the toppings (cheese, nuts).


How important is device mobility to you? If you fundamentally use a blender without additional wires, cords, opt for an immersion device. Please note: due to the presence of a built-in battery in the case, this blender is quite heavy. Its battery life is also limited.

Case Materials

When choosing the material of the case, you can only be guided by the appearance of the product: there are no differences in functionality between metal and plastic blenders.

In order to save

  • The most economical one can safely be called an immersion blender with a plastic case and power up to 500 watts.
  • A universal option for any purpose will be a blender with the maximum number of nozzles in the kit.

Cook with pleasure and comfort!


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