How to choose the perfect TV - useful tips

In the modern world, it is no longer enough for a TV to simply broadcast television programs or reproduce information from an external device. The development of the Internet has led to the fact that every year more and more people switch to watching any movies, shows and shows on the Internet.

In order not to miss consumers, TV manufacturers decided to equip their products with modules for connecting to the global network. Today, there are several ways to connect the TV to the Internet.

Regular cable

The easiest and most familiar way to connect your TV to the Internet using a LAN cable. However, this method has several disadvantages:

  • The presence of additional wires stretching across the room, to put it mildly, is not aesthetically attractive;
  • Not everyone has the ability to connect wired internet. Residents of small cities, remote areas of large cities and owners of country houses and cottages will not be able to connect such a TV to the World Wide Web.

Wi-Fi TVs

This is the best option. Connecting a TV to your home Wi-Fi network is as simple as any device.

The most important advantage is the ability to connect to a network without a LAN cable. Those. such TVs can be used by everyone who has mobile or satellite Internet.

The main disadvantage of such TVs is their cost, but do not forget that this miracle of technology can be purchased on credit without guarantors.

Wi-Fi TVs work with video and music sites, YouTube and social networks. Those. A full range of entertainment is now available on the big screen.


USB port

It differs from direct cable connection by the presence of an additional external module. In addition to the minuses that the first option has, a couple more negative points are added:

The high cost of the module

It is difficult to find a module that fits a specific TV.

It is important that the manufacturer of such a usb module and a TV is the same.

Connecting a laptop to a TV

You can also use a laptop as a source of signal transmitted to the big screen. In fact, the laptop in this case serves as a Wi-Fi receiver. The disadvantage of this method of connection is one: the mandatory presence of a laptop. Yes, and the guests to show such a movie will be "uncomfortable."

At a time when modern LCD TVs with a built-in Wi-Fi receiver are already available, connecting a laptop to a TV to watch a movie looks “cheap”.

Summing up, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • Wi-Fi TV is ideal for residents who do not have wired Internet or do not want to pull an extra wire.
  • If you have wired Internet and the presence of an additional cable does not bother, choose a TV with a LAN adapter.
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