How to choose a vacuum cleaner taking into account the characteristics of the house and coatings?

Home appliances are presented in stores in a huge assortment, which is only confusing when choosing. Vacuum cleaners from Bosch, Karcher, Samsung, Vitek, Phillips, Thomas differ not only in design, but also in performance, purpose, type of filters. And to understand the presented assortment, you must first familiarize yourself with the basic parameters of the devices.

Vacuum cleaners can be divided into the following groups depending on the type of cleaning:

  • dry
  • dry + wet.

Depending on the technology used, vacuum cleaners can be:

  • With a bag for collecting garbage. The accessory can be single or reusable. The former are made of paper, the latter are made of textile.
  • Cyclonic devices have a special container in which the litter settles. As it is filled, it is taken out, cleaned and washed, after which further operation is possible.
  • Models with an aquafilter have a dust collector in which water is poured. Thus, the air, along with the dust, is sucked into the container. Litter is blocked by water. And the outside is completely purified air.
  • With a garbage container. This traditional technology is used in robotic vacuum cleaners, some hand held vertical models.

Depending on the type of power supply, they are divided between traditional (mains powered) and wireless (battery) models. The last group includes mainly robotic vacuum cleaners, manual vertical devices.

The devices use filters that can trap the smallest particles and allergens. The most common and preferred are HEPA filters. They are finely cleaned and eliminate allergens.

The most compact are robotic vacuum cleaners and manual models, but they are the best option for a home where there is no carpet. Long-pile carpets require devices with good suction rates.

Additional functionality for efficient cleaning

In order for the cleaning to be efficient and convenient, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • additional brushes that will allow you to clean even inaccessible places, upholstered furniture;
  • control (buttons can be located not only on the device case, but also on the handle);
  • the presence of replaceable bags, filters, containers, brushes, washcloths for wet cleaning, etc .;
  • the cord length in the models from the network should be sufficient for a comfortable cleaning of the entire apartment.

Where is better to buy a vacuum cleaner?

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  • the price of vacuum cleaners;
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