What useful things can you buy in a hardware store

WE are used to going to the store for something specific and therefore often lose sight of useful things that can come in handy on the farm. These useful purchases will be discussed today.

Goodies for the kitchen

Not all housewives, especially young ones, have all the necessary kitchen equipment, which, it would seem, can be dispensed with, but its presence in the kitchen will greatly simplify the cooking process.


This tool is necessary for crushing garlic cloves. Those housewives who do not have a garlic in their arsenal are used to rubbing garlic on a grater, or chop with a knife. However, with the help of garlic, it is much faster and easier to do.

Bottle openers

Surely many have some kind of opener in the kitchen, but sometimes one opener is not enough. Going to the household goods store, do not forget to purchase an opener for cans and bottles, an opener for bottles and a key for opening cans. Very often, this key is not enough in the kitchen, and if necessary, open canned food, you have to resort to using a knife.


An indispensable tool for making chops or other dishes that use large pieces of meat. Previously, there were special kitchen hatchets, on the back of which there was a surface for beating meat, but now you can hardly find such an hatchet. It is perfectly replaced by special mallets, which we strongly recommend purchasing at a hardware store.

For baking

Surely, even experienced housewives do not have all the goods that we recommend in this section. It will be about tools and baking dishes. Now in hardware stores a huge assortment of all kinds of baking dishes.

They are made of metal, glass or heat-resistant plastic. These forms can be of various sizes, have a specific shape, and they can also be portioned. Surely, you will find a form that is not yet in your kitchen.

And of course, you need to pay attention to all kinds of spatulas, rolling pins and brushes. All these little things greatly simplify the work with dough and pastries.

Cleaning Products

We will not remind about such obvious cleaning products as a broom, dustpan, mop and rag. These are well-known cleaning tools. It will be about household goods, which, most likely, are not in your house.

Lazy dog

This product is intended for cleaning fleecy surfaces. The brush handle is designed in such a way that you do not have to bend. Unlike a broom, after cleaning with a “lazy person” your back will not hurt at all. In addition, the brush itself is absolutely safe for various furniture.

Window washers

A modern window cleaner. Now you don’t have to climb windowsills and rub windows with a newspaper. With this appliance, the washing process, even of the largest windows, will become quick and tireless. The handle of the window washer will reach any part of the window, even the child.

The brush itself is designed in such a way that after it there are no stains, and all plaque from the windows is removed literally in 1-2 passes.


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