What to look for when choosing a water delivery

Every year, the quality of tap water is getting worse and worse. For several years we have been using bottled water. How to choose a supplier of such water, we will consider in this article.

Water quality

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the origin of the water. There are several sources from which bottled water is produced:

  • purified tap;
  • artesian well;
  • a well located on the surface of the earth;

The cheapest and lowest quality is purified tap water. Its source is ordinary tap water, which is driven through purification filters. This water successfully passes all laboratory tests, but its quality is much worse than two other sources of origin.

Water from ground sources is better than tap water. It can also undergo additional cleaning. This water will be better than purified tap water in quality.

Water from an artesian well is considered the highest quality. Water from this source undergoes natural purification and does not need additional filtration. Experts believe. What exactly artesian water has a natural flavor. Such water is not always more expensive than water from the previous two sources, but is better in quality.

How to check the water supplier?

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a supplier of bottled water is the availability of certificates and the compliance of water with the state standards of your country. Also about the company should be relevant analyzes of water for its chemical composition. You can request all this data from the supplier.

If the company does not want to provide certificates and data on chemical analysis, it is better to refuse the services of this company.

In modern realities, the site is the hallmark of a successful company. Pay attention to the attractiveness of the site, its work on mobile devices. If the water supplier pays enough attention to the site, namely the Internet is now a significant source of sales in the service sector, then the company is successful and has extensive experience in this business.

The water supplier should not deny you the opportunity to visit the plant. If for some reason he refuses, it is better to choose another company. The production should have new equipment, the staff should work in overalls: bathrobes, masks, shoe covers.


Pay attention to the label. It should contain data that exactly matches the information in the certificates. Unscrupulous companies can often deliver water that does not match the data specified in the certificate. For example, the certificate may indicate that the water is artesian, and the label will indicate that the water is from another source.

The speed of water delivery is not so important. Water can be ordered in advance, this is not pizza delivery.

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