Than iPhone is better than Android smartphones

When buying a new smartphone, the question arises: what to choose an iPhone or Android phone. What are the main advantages of Apple smartphones we will consider in this article.

operating system

The main advantage of Apple devices is their operating system. Unlike Android or other operating systems, iOS is not distributed in open source, it cannot be downloaded, hacked or made any changes.

Also a very important factor in iOS is the optimization specifically for Apple devices. This means that any application will never slow down or freeze. What can not be said about other open source OS, because they were developed for a wide range of devices and it is almost impossible to optimize so qualitatively.

Also, processors with the necessary architecture are specially manufactured under IOS in order to maximize the use of the resources of the processor itself on the Apple operating system. And this is a proven fact.

Probably everyone already knows about the comparative tests of the Iphone 6 with a 2-core processor and an Android smartphone with an 8-core processor, as a result of which iPhones surpassed the competitor in many respects. Now think about 2 cores and 8 cores. This once again confirms that Apple specialists are most responsive to the development, construction and optimization of their technology.


Apple’s attitude towards applications downloaded on the AppStore, unlike Google. In applications from the AppStore, you definitely never download a virus or any other malicious software. All this is aimed at protecting personal data, bank cards and other personal information.

In addition, do not forget about protecting the smartphone itself from access to third-party devices. Fingerprint system, the best solution to date, for the full and effective protection of your device.

Yes, many will say that there is already an Android smartphone with a similar function, but do not forget that it was Apple who first invented and implemented this function.


Design and appearance of phones, everyone’s business. As they say, on taste and color, there are no comrades. But here again, there is a BUT. All smartphone manufacturers are striving to make their devices as close as possible to the Iphone. After the first iPhones appeared, a revolution took place in the smartphone market. Everyone began to release their devices as close as possible to the size of iPhones, but I’m generally silent about the race in the thickness of the phone.


Comparing the main factors, namely the safety and reliability of the operating system, there are no competitors for Apple smartphones. They are the best to date. I do not specifically compare other parameters, as they are easily copied by competitors. But the result is always the same - Apple is a trendsetter in the market of smartphones and other gadgets and so far not one company has been able to surpass them.

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