What to look for when choosing blinds

A few years ago, blinds were an integral part of the office interior of a successful company. Now, in addition to offices, blinds are installed in apartments and houses. They perfectly fulfill their main function - they protect the room from sunlight and prying eyes, and it’s very easy to maintain them.

In many interiors, blinds are more suitable for design than curtains and curtains, which is why they have gained great popularity. At the moment, there are several types of blinds that differ in the material of manufacture.


In recent years, this type of blinds has bypassed the plastic blinds familiar to us in popularity. These blinds are made from certain fabrics: polyester, cotton, jacquard and fiberglass.

They are both vertical and horizontal. The latter are considered exclusive and are much more expensive.

The fabric is treated with special elements that protect the blinds from being saturated with odors, dusting and protect from burnout.

The size and color of these blinds can be ordered any, depending on the size of the window opening. You can also purchase fabric blinds with a ready-made pattern.

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This is the first type of blinds that has appeared on the market. Currently, in apartments and houses they are most often used on balconies and bathrooms, less often, in the kitchen.

Install plastic blinds on windows in living rooms is not accepted.

They are easy to maintain and are relatively cheap, which is why they are installed on the windows of secondary rooms.

The main disadvantage is fragility.


This type of blinds is considered more elite than fabric and plastic. They are made of wood, which indicates the absence of harmful substances, so they are considered environmentally friendly.

Wooden blinds are much stronger and more durable than their counterparts. However, you should know that durability and strength depends on the type of wood from which they are made.

Cheaper options and pine or balsa wood will serve much less than blinds made of mahogany or rosewood.

Among the disadvantages of this type of blinds is considered a lot of weight and massive construction.


Compared to wooden ones, they have less weight and when folded they take up very little space. Among the main drawback is the high price and possible deformation over time.


This type of blinds differs from plastic only in its strength. By their aesthetic appearance, they, like plastic ones, are not suitable for residential premises. They are usually installed in utility or non-residential premises.

The main advantage is ease of care, fire resistance, resistance to moisture and sunlight.

The biggest drawback is the noise that blinds emit during folding or in a draft.

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