Which mop is best for mopping: types and overview

To simply clean the floor, many mop designs have been invented. Advertising offers sophisticated samples of lazybones, with which, without much effort, you can wash the floor in hard-to-reach places with a variety of coatings: linoleum, parquet, laminate, etc. To choose the right product, you need to find out which mop is best for cleaning floors.

Which floor mop is better

Selection recommendations

A diverse product is distinguished by material, price and quality. To choose a mop for cleaning floors from a large number of good samples, you need to determine the selection criteria.


Which mop is best for mopping

  • Material of product manufacturing. The housing of a household appliance is made of plastic, wood, metal, combined materials. The cleaning element is a synthetic or natural fabric that absorbs moisture well. Types of nozzles - sponge, rope, fiber, etc.
  • The principle of operation of the device. Use removable, stationary and interchangeable nozzles. The spinning method is carried out manually or in automatic mode.
  • The length and shape of the product are crucial during operation. The model with a triangular nozzle allows you to easily clean up in the space filled with furniture, under low-standing cabinets or in the bathroom. The telescopic handle allows you to adjust the height of the device.
  • The choice of mop for mopping also depends on the quality of the household appliance. In inexpensive goods - a short life. Product performance suffers - it breaks quickly and cannot be repaired.

Take into account the flooring:

Choose a floor mop

  • Wooden floors can be washed in the traditional way using any nozzles (MOPs) - rag, microfiber, rope, etc. The floors are moistened with warm water and a detergent, and then wiped with an wrung rag.
  • Laminate washed with a soft nozzle that absorbs water well. The coating cannot be very wetted, steam mop or abrasive parts should be used. In the process of cleaning in warm water, you need to add detergents, shampoo, liquid soap, etc.
  • For linoleum special MOSs are used without sharp, protruding elements, so as not to damage the coating. The cleaning element is made of soft material that can be well wrung out. Steam devices are used with care, and only recommended models.
  • Wet cleaning of the parquet is done with a soft pressed nozzle. Do not use hot water or hard parts of any size.
  • Porcelain can be washed with any MOS and warm water using detergents.

Popular varieties

Currently on the market there are a large number of different types of household appliances for mopping. How to choose a suitable design so as not to be mistaken in the acquisition: first of all, you need to know the characteristics and features of the product.

Wood tool

This is the most popular model that has been used since time immemorial and is still widely used. An ordinary mop is the most economical, reliable in operation, any rags are suitable for wiping.

However, the traditional wooden structure has significant drawbacks - the rag is not securely fixed and must be manually moistened and wrung out. It is not suitable for coatings such as parquet, laminate, etc. It is used more for washing painted floors, linoleum or ceramic tiles.

Floor mops

Sponge with mechanical extraction

It is a construction made of a plastic handle and a removable roller made of porous rubber. The push-up mechanism is a wide clamping bar and a special handle. The roller should be well saturated with moisture before mopping.

It is better to use this device when cleaning wooden and ceramic floors, as scratches can remain on linoleum or parquet.

Floor mop how to choose

When buying, you need to pay attention to ensure that the sponge does not hang out, but is firmly fixed.

In the process, it is not necessary to wet your hands in dirty water, you can use disinfectant chemicals. There are also disadvantages in the operation of the sponge structure. So, cleaning under low-standing furniture is inefficient due to the protruding lever. The squeezing mechanism often fails, the sponge quickly becomes unusable.

Rope (cord) mop

The mop consists of a long handle, to which a rotating nozzle of laces or a bunch of ropes is screwed. They are made of cotton, microfiber or polyester. Thanks to the swivel joint, the nozzle is easily bent and rotated in any direction. The design is equipped with a rotary mechanism with an extraction.

The product is equipped with a special bucket with a basket, where the extraction is performed in automatic mode. This kind of product is not recommended for washing parquet, laminate, ceramics, as it does not absorb water well.

Flounder - flat version

The most effective model for mopping.

Which floor mops are better

The mop-flounder has a wide flat platform from 30 to 80 cm and is best suited for cleaning and sweeping spacious rooms. The long telescopic handle is attached using hinges to the nozzle, on which covers of various materials are put on (cotton, microfiber, rubber, etc.).

The kit comes with a bucket with a special compartment for rinsing and mechanical push-ups of MOSFETs. The design is suitable for all types of coatings, convenient in operation. A mop launders well on floors, walls and ceilings. However, it has a rather high cost, poorly collects pet hair. After cleaning, you need to manually squeeze and rinse the removable covers.

Butterfly Mop

This model resembles a sponge mop. The design is called a butterfly because of the action of the nozzle mechanism, when under the pressure of the levers the halves of the platform rise like insect wings. When folded, the washing element fits easily into any bucket.

Choosing a Floor Mop

The product has a convenient telescopic handle made of metal-plastic or aluminum, a replaceable PVA nozzle and a squeezing mechanism. The device is good at washing the floors of any coating, cleans carpets, rugs from dust and pet hair.

The spinning mechanism allows you not to wet your hands in dirty water and not strain in the process. The nozzle can be easily removed for replacement or washing. The mop butterfly is functional, but its service life is limited due to the fragile design of the linkage.

Microfiber Option

Microfiber nozzle can be used for cleaning different surfaces, it collects moisture well, launders floors without adding detergents. Wiping made of polyester and polyamide fibers has a long service life, designed for more than 100 washings.

A device with microfiber can easily reach any hard-to-reach corner, since its platform is hinged and can be rotated 360 degrees, change the angle of inclination. There are different designs of similar models: with nozzles of various shapes (round, triangular, in the form of a beam), with a spin mechanism, etc.

Telescopic handle made of aluminum or plastic makes cleaning more comfortable. Among the shortcomings can be noted: the product does not clean pet hair well, you need to rinse and wring the cover manually. In addition, the cost of the device with microfiber is quite high.

How to choose a floor mop

Steam device

The design of the mop meets modern technology.The device itself looks like a traditional mop with a more massive handle. Inside there is a steam generator where simple water is poured. Heat treatment of surfaces occurs with the help of hot steam. Due to the high temperature of the steam, pollution and pathogens are destroyed.

The model is equipped with several nozzles for various works, with which you can clean carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, wash glass, steame clothes, etc. For the work, no detergents or disinfectants are required. The device is great for allergy sufferers and pet owners.

Which mops are best for mopping

The steam mop is a multifunctional mechanism of a new generation, greatly facilitating the cleaning process, and has a high rating among other models. However similar devices have significant disadvantages:

  • high price;
  • during operation, safety rules must be observed in order not to get burns.

When choosing which floor mop is best, there are many factors to consider. For example, the type of flooring, the furniture available in the apartment, the presence of pets and their own capabilities. A review of various models will allow you to purchase such a product needed in the household.

The butterfly mop is very convenient for mopping the floor. The back does not strain, there is no need to bend down. Hands in dirty water can not be wet, as there is a squeezing lever. Washes well under cupboards and beds. The only drawback is the high cost. But comfortable cleaning is worth it.


I really liked the microfiber mop. Convenient to use, thanks to the rotating nozzle it perfectly launders the floor in hard-to-reach places. If microfiber is not greatly moistened, then it perfectly collects cat's hair, hairs and any garbage. The nozzle is easy to clean after cleaning. I’ve been using the mop for the fourth year.

Nadezhda Viktorovna

I use a rope mop mainly for washing in narrow places where it freely passes. Any garbage is good at sweeping, it is especially convenient to use it on an uneven surface: old parquet, plank floors. I finish the cleaning with the usual mop.

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