How to quickly wash a stretch ceiling without streaks

Sooner or later, every housewife wonders how to wash the stretch ceiling. Despite the fact that such coatings are saturated with antistatic and protective agents, they still need to be cleaned. In the living room this is done twice a year, but in the kitchen and in the bathroom it is much more often, since greasy deposits, soot and soap stains accumulate on them. As for detergent compositions, they also need to be selected individually, it all depends on the type of material.

How and how to wash the stretch ceiling

Required Inventory

Cleaning of ceiling coatings is carried out using special tools. Also, a good soap solution gives a good effect. These compounds will perfectly cope with fat, nicotine deposits, burning and a number of other contaminants. In addition, you will need auxiliary equipment. For the procedure, you must prepare the following:

How to wash a stretch ceiling

  • a mop and special nozzles (one flat, the other with soft bristles);
  • flannel fabric or a piece of microfiber;
  • a basin or bucket of warm water;
  • spray gun;
  • a piece of soap;
  • high stool or building stepladder.

Experienced housewives recommend taking telescopic mops, in which the platform is movable. With her, the process will be much faster and easier. In addition, the nozzle is easy to clean and wash.

It is also worth immediately highlighting that in no case should be used when cleaning the coating, in particular glossy material, the following means:

How and how to wash the stretch ceiling

  • abrasive powders, hard brushes and excessively brushed rags - these products can damage the canvas, scratch it and even tear it;
  • aggressive chemicals, which contain a solvent with polyvinyl chloride, as the material will simply dissolve under its influence.

Before washing, it is worth removing the jewelry from your hands, as they can scratch the canvas, and in addition, the precious metal itself may fade after contact with chemical compounds.

In no case can you apply to the ceiling tools in the form of a scraper, sandpaper. All this equipment is not suitable for cleaning PVC sheets. The same goes for hard brushes and washcloths.

All actions should be performed smoothly; sharp movements and strong pressure should be avoided. In this case, you can not worry about the integrity of the ceiling. If there is any doubt, it is best to contact a cleaning company for help. Such organizations exist not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia.

Best remedies

In fact, you can wash the stretch ceiling by various means. The modern market offers a wide range of detergent compositions. The most effective of them are:

How and how to wash a stretch ceiling

  • Solutions for washing glass. It is desirable that the liquid contained ammonia. The solution is recommended for cleaning glossy surfaces. It will quickly eliminate greasy stains, soot, as well as local pollution. It is important to purchase products that do not contain coloring components, in which case the surface will not be painted.
  • Liquid for dishes. It is also considered quite effective and neutral, so it does not harm the canvas. To do this, pour a little liquid into warm water, beat in foam, dampen a sponge in it and clean the dirty ceiling. At the very end, polish the surface with a soft cloth - after that the gloss will sparkle.
  • Ammonia (10%). It must be mixed with warm water in a ratio of 1: 9 - and dirty areas can be wiped.It is worth adding that it is safe for satin and glossy ceilings, but it is not suitable for a matte canvas. With regard to efficiency, the mixture can wipe away any kind of pollution, including food. But after processing, you should walk along the surface with a dry rag.

Before using any of the products, it is worth testing the cleaning agent. This is best done in an inconspicuous area. To do this, apply the composition, wait 5 minutes. If the canvas does not darken, does not fade, and also does not deform, then you can proceed to cleaning.

How and how to wash a stretch ceiling

It is better to clean the fabric ceiling using the dry cleaning method. To do this, wipe it with a soft cloth made of flannel fabric or microfiber. You can clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner, it quickly and simply removes all dust from the surface. But when using it is worth considering that the device must be turned on at minimum power, and the nozzle should be at least 3 cm from the ceiling.

If you want to wash large and deeply stained dirt stains, a soap solution is suitable. But in this case it is used a little differently. First, a sponge is moistened in a liquid, then rubbed into the surface, but do it without much effort. After that, leave in this state for 10 minutes, and then everything is thoroughly washed with clean water, otherwise the stains will remain on the fabric basis. With a hinged structure, they do the same.

Washing procedure

Ceilings are also washed according to certain rules. This is the only way to get a perfectly clean surface. It is necessary to carry out actions in the following sequence:

How to wash a stretch ceiling

  • Dilute a mild soap solution in a plastic basin or bucket. Liquid soap is best suited. The water temperature should be approximately 40 degrees. Then you can proceed directly to the sink. If you decide to use a spray, then 4 drops of liquid are taken in a glass of water.
  • Wrap a soft cloth on the squeegee, moisten it in the prepared solution and treat the surface of the ceiling. But you should move correctly: first from one corner to another, gradually moving across the entire area of ​​the canvas. You can also divide everything into several sections and clean them one at a time.

It is much easier to work with a spray gun, since at first the liquid is sprayed in one area and thoroughly wiped, and then you can proceed to cleaning the next one. It is most convenient to work on a stepladder or chair, since it will be possible to manually remove strong impurities.

Do not forget about accuracy in the working process, ceiling coatings of this kind do not tolerate pressure. Any sudden movement may violate their integrity.

At the end, you should re-wipe the ceiling, but this time with a completely dry rag. In this case, the stains will not remain for sure, it is especially important to do this if the ceiling is black or mirror, as ugly spots often remain on it. This polishing step is the last.

Useful Tips

Actually, cleaning the ceiling is not so easy. This applies not only to tension, but also suspended products. It is especially difficult to wash after repair, since it is on top that all dust and dirt settles. And if this is a kitchen, then you have to wipe greasy drops, as well as other unpleasant stains. Actually, therefore, it will be useful for each housewife to find out how to quickly and simply wash the ceilings at home.

Experts advise to adhere to the following rules:

Stretch ceiling how to wash

  • So that on the just washed surface there are no stains left, it is necessary to do as little circular movements as possible. It’s best to move from left to right. If there is a seam on the canvas, then you should go along it, and not across.
  • When cleaning the ceiling with a vacuum cleaner, proceed extremely carefully. Poorly executed installation work can lead to the fact that the material is deformed and loses its shape. And this, in turn, will lead to the fact that it will have to do expensive repairs.
  • If the pollution is not strong, for example, only cobwebs and dust, then it is best to dry clean. In this case, it will be easier to remove everything with a whisk.

In addition, do not forget about the basic rules of care. If spots hit the ceiling, it is best to remove them immediately before they are absorbed into the material.

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