Favorable days for cleaning the apartment on the lunar calendar

All processes occurring in the Universe are interconnected, and well-being and health, and sometimes well-being as a whole, depend on the position of celestial bodies. Therefore, those who do washing, washing windows and cleaning according to the lunar calendar do the right thing. There are days in which all actions are difficult, and vice versa, there is a time when everything turns out as if by itself.

Lunar calendar cleaning

general information

Scientists have always been interested in what effect celestial bodies, their trajectories and processes in outer space have on the fate and health of people. In fact, human life and the phases of the moon are closely related, therefore, the impact of the latter must be taken into account in everyday life.

The most stressful period is the full moon

Cleaning an apartment according to the lunar calendar, if it is done on auspicious days, does not take much time and energy: one or two hours are enough to restore order. Adverse days show the opposite picture: despite all efforts, the apartment does not shine with cleanliness. But the most stressful period is the full moon. At this time, it is not recommended to start cleaning, because a lot of effort will be expended, but it is not known whether it will be possible to achieve a result.

Shift, large hand wash and window washing should not be started when the night light is not visible at all. During this period, the risk of injuries and falls increases. The full moon and the new moon are characterized by a special connection between the moon and the sun. The influence of negative factors on the mood and well-being of people is great.

The favorable period starts from the moment when the month begins to decrease, but even then you need to be able to choose the most suitable days. It is especially important to check the lunar calendar before the New Year and May holidays, when every housewife wants the house to shine clean. Haste will lead to overload, fatigue and stress, and in such a situation you will not have to wait for joy and festive mood.

The right time for a series of household chores

Astrologers noticed: the right time for a series of household chores begins with 17 lunar days. Then every day the positive influence of cosmic bodies increases. The peak of the favorable period is 21 lunar days. Then every day the importance of negative factors increases. On day 29, you should not do household chores and only if absolutely necessary can you wash the floor.

Restoring order in the home, guided by the lunar calendar, is also worth it because the water on special days acquires special properties. She easily launders even difficult pollution. At the wrong time, the liquid is in a passive state. It does not wash away dirt, spreads over the surface, it is more difficult to wipe it. Many people notice that the harvesting process does not always go as planned. This is due precisely to the different states of water.

Cleaning the lunar calendar

Astrologers recommend conducting a general washing and cleaning of the home regularly, especially in the spring. After the end of winter, pathogenic microorganisms are activated, the influence of weather factors on health is enhanced. If rubble and dirt accumulated at home are added to this, a person becomes ill. To live in harmony with the Universe, you need to carefully clean all the nooks and cranks, without ignoring the following places:

  • cabinets;
  • angles;
  • joints between flooring and skirting boards;
  • cellar;
  • garage;
  • loggias;
  • pantries.

Cleaning the cabinets according to the lunar calendar

Do not store unnecessary things that have served their time at home.They draw upon themselves positive energy and spread negative energy. Any trash creates an obstacle that prevents you from living fully and does not allow you to achieve financial well-being.

Each thing is able to act as a symbol, which one - depends on its condition. It is easy to guess what the dried flowers, torn sheets, layers of dust and chipped cups represent. It is necessary to get rid of all this right away, after waiting for the suitable phase of the moon. It is better to fill the room with things acquired with love, such that delight the eye and soul. For a house to be a source of positive energy, it must have a lot of light and free space.

Household Tips

Cleanliness, guided by the phases of the celestial body, is necessary so that harmony fills the house. In addition, astrologers consider the proper handling of each material important. So, if the room has wooden floors or parquet, they need to be washed only on certain days, otherwise the wood will quickly become damp and its appearance will become unattractive. The optimal time for washing is the III and IV lunar phases. This is the period in which the moon is waning.

You need to find out what day it is.

Before you take up the mop and rag, you need to find out what day it is. For the growing month, do not wash the floor, and to maintain cleanliness it is better to wipe the floor with a slightly moistened (almost dry) rag. Another option is to sweep it with a damp broom or vacuum it.

Signs of the zodiac in which it is better to clean up:

  • Aquarius;
  • Libra;
  • Twins.

When the Moon grows and is in the sign of Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio, mopping the floor will lead to adverse consequences: dampness will penetrate into the smallest cracks, the tree will begin to deform, mold will appear in the thickness of the boards or parquet.

Properly selected aromas will help to survive adverse days and will contribute to maximum productivity in favorable ones. After an easy or general cleaning, you need to fill the house with pleasant smells. The essential oils of such plants (you can mix) will help relieve fatigue, increase efficiency and cheer up:

Essential Oils for Home

  • orange;
  • juniper;
  • geranium;
  • rosemary;
  • jasmine;
  • lavender;
  • sandalwood;
  • lemon;
  • the Rose;
  • eucalyptus;
  • cypress.

Suitable time for airing

It is necessary to ventilate the living room every day, but sometimes the procedure must be thorough, with the opening of windows and doors. Plastering work is also best done on certain days - they coincide with those that are suitable for filling the house with freshness. The best time is when the Moon is in Libra, Aquarius or Gemini. When the Earth’s satellite is in Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer, it’s time to start thoroughly wet cleaning, washing and cleaning surfaces.

Waning Crescent in Aquarius

In the early spring, when the waning Moon in Aquarius, it is worthwhile to restore perfect order in the entire apartment, house, and if there is a private courtyard, then it must be rid of dirt. The next large-scale cleaning should be carried out in the fall, and in the interim period, of course, it is worth maintaining cleanliness.

To enhance the effect of their actions, it is recommended to remove all blockages from the cabinets. Unnecessary things that are there represent unexpected problems that can fall on your head. Astrologers recommend during the harvesting process to say this phrase several times: “I make room for prosperity and abundance, I create a space where there is no evil and trouble. Let love, happiness, goodness and prosperity come to my house. ”

When arranging a dwelling, one must be aware that the vacated area is sure to be filled with positive energy. The harvesting process should bring joy and pleasure.

Wet cleaning according to the lunar rhythms

You can clean the house with detergents and water at any time, but if you do not follow the rhythms of the moon, cleanliness will not last long. It is worth trying once to make a general cleansing of the house from dirt according to the lunar calendar, and in the future no longer wants to violate the recommendations of astrologers.

Wet cleaning according to the lunar rhythms

When approaching the new moon, water fills the Earth and interacts better with all living and inanimate nature than in other phases. Removing dirt at this time is more effective, and even a week after washing the floors, it is enough to walk on them with a slightly damp cloth to make them shine again.

From the point of view of esotericists, there is an explanation for this. They assure that in fact all nature is living, and all objects and surfaces in the room on the subtle plane interact with water and take over its energy. Therefore, the mud is cleaned with ease, and especially good days for putting housing in order are those when the Moon is in Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces. They are also called the days of Water.

If you choose the wrong lunar day, it will take a very long time to wash and clean. Mistresses often notice that the spots seem to appear out of nowhere, and when you try to erase them, they give in very poorly. There is a feeling that the dirt is rubbing into the surface and the spots do not decrease, but spread out. When the moon is waning, cleaning turns into an exciting event, as everything becomes clean in a few minutes. Procedure for full-scale cleaning:

  • ventilate;
  • Sweep
  • remove dust from window sills, heating radiators, furniture;
  • vacuum carpets, sofas, armchairs, pouffes;
  • mop the floor.

All this is done once a month, and then every week they perform lightweight cleaning. Extraordinary floor cleaning is recommended by astrologers in cases when unpleasant people came to the house. You need to get rid of negative energy not immediately after they leave, but at least after a few hours. It is necessary to wipe all surfaces with a rag, and then rinse the floor with clean water, changing it twice.

Secrets of preparing for the winter

Autumn house cleaning

Autumn house cleaning and the first heating are responsible processes on which depends how comfortable it will be in winter. Days of Heat are considered by those when the waning moon in Sagittarius, Leo or Aries. Then you need the first time to heat the stove, fireplace or turn on the boiler. If the house is new, having sunk the device that is, it will be possible to get rid of the remains of dampness.

In winter, winter frames are inserted if the windows are not plastic, but wooden. This process also needs to be coordinated with the phases of the moon. Installation on unsuitable days results in constant fogging in winter. The secret of the housewives, whose glasses are not covered with a coating, is that they insert frames on the growing moon. Well, if it is in this case located in Aquarius, Gemini or Libra (days of Light). During these same periods, you need to mount the frames when building a new house or in the process of repair, then the windows will last a long time and will not fog up.

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