Common Samsung washing machine error codes

Specialists usually know the error codes for Samsung washing machines or have a table at hand. In order to quickly find out what happened to the device, the manufacturer made a certain signal system. If any malfunction occurs, the display will show a cipher, which consists of letters and numbers. On devices without a screen, the corresponding indicator lights light up.

Common Samsung washing machine error codes

Liquid Level and Engine Tacho

Samsung washing machines have a special sensor that monitors the water level before washing. It is called a pressure switch. This element is present in common models, for example, WF7358N1W, Diamond (Diamond), S1061, F1015J, S803J, R843, WF0508NZW, Eco Bubble, WF8590NFW, S1021. If the code 1E, E7 or 1C appeared on the CMA screen, it means that the pressure switch did not transmit the information necessary for starting. The reasons for this error:

Pressure switch on the washing machine

  1. Faulty pressure switch.
  2. There were any problems with the contacts.
  3. The sensor is not installed correctly.
  4. The pressure switch tube is pinched or damaged.
  5. Failures in the control module.

To resolve this problem, you will have to remove the sensor, check and clean the handset, and then install the device in place in the correct position. If a breakdown is detected, then the pressure switch is replaced in this case.

Error codes for Samsung washing machines in case of a tachogenerator malfunction can be: 3E, EA, 3C, 3C1, 3E1, 3C2, 3E2, 3C3, 3E3, 3C4, 3E4. On the bulletin board, the program will display these values ​​if an excessive amount of laundry has been loaded into it, an engine malfunction has occurred, or a blockage has occurred. The main reasons why the AGR gives these designations:

The motor is locked on the washing machine

  1. The motor is blocked by a foreign object.
  2. Malfunctions directly in the tachogenerator.
  3. Problems are related to internal wiring or contact oxidation.
  4. Excess laundry.
  5. Poor engine assembly.
  6. Failures in the functioning of automation.

This problem is quite common and occurs in models F813J, Bio Compact, Fuzzy S621, Diamond, WF6458N7W. Eliminate such error codes in Art. Samsung machine can be accurately determined if the true cause of their appearance is determined.

To fix the problem, you need to start by unloading the laundry. Make sure that the weight is not exceeded. If everything is in order with the mass of laundry, then you should consult a specialist. It is unlikely that it will be possible to eliminate such a breakdown on its own.

Water supply and drain problems

Fault codes in the Samsung washing machine can also occur in cases where the unit is not filled with water. It should not be confused with the fact that there is no information about the flow of fluid. When problems with filling appear, the following symbols appear: E1, 4E1, 4E, 4E2, 4C2, 4C LEI, LE1.

The decoding of these codes is the same. It all depends on the specific model of the AGR. Such malfunctions occur after several years of operation with devices S852, F861, S821, Diamond. This does not mean anything bad. The reasons for the appearance of characters can be as follows:

Hose clogged with a washing machine

  1. The house has a cold water supply due to an emergency.
  2. Hose clogged or pinched.
  3. The filter is clogged, which is why water has stopped flowing into the device.
  4. Oxidized contacts.
  5. Poorly completed assembly eyeliner.
  6. During the connection of the machine, cold water was mixed up with hot water.
  7. Aquastop protection worked.

You can reset the error icon by eliminating the cause of its occurrence. The first step is to check for water in the house. To do this, simply open any crane.

You also need to make sure that the valve on the machine is not blocked. If clogging or kinks have been found, then this must be corrected immediately. If broken elements are found, replace them with new ones.

It happens that the device does not function correctly due to problems with draining and spinning. In this case, the machine writes E2, 5E, 5C, HEI, HE1 or HE2. If the device displays these symbols on the display, then you should pay attention to the following:

The pump on the washing machine broke

  1. The drain hose is clogged or pinched.
  2. The connection is incorrect.
  3. The pump has broken.
  4. Violations in the internal electrical wiring.
  5. The sewage system is clogged and drainage is not possible.
  6. Freezing water if the device was used in violation of technical conditions.

Care must be taken to eliminate all possible causes of the malfunction. It is necessary to check the sewer and drain hose, to make sure that the wiring is working and that the pump is working.

Vibration sensor and power problems

If the signals from the vibration sensor are no longer received, the machine will display codes 8E1, 8E, 8C1 or 8C. Any of these signals indicates that the element is not working properly. Such an error can be caused for the following reasons:

  1. There were failures in the wiring.
  2. The vibration sensor has broken.
  3. When assembling the device, deviations from technical standards were allowed.

A revision of the internal wiring and sensor is required. After that, the machine is assembled and tested for operability. If the problem persists, then you need to replace the item.

Samsung washing machine error codes

Errors 9C, UC, E91, 9E2 appear in those cases when the declared power supply indicators do not correspond to the actual ones. Samsung devices are very demanding in this regard. The causes of the problems may include the following:


  1. Voltage drops in the power supply network.
  2. An extension cord is used for connection.
  3. The network is constantly high or low voltage.
  4. The control module is out of order.

If the connection is made correctly, but these codes appeared, then you do not need to stop the device. When the voltage returns to normal, the machine will continue to wash itself. With constant changes in the network, you need to use a stabilizer.

Control Modules and Buttons

Samsung washing machine error code

If there is no connection between the control boards, then 116, AC6, AE or AC will appear on the board. There may be several reasons, but the main two. It is possible that the element was connected incorrectly or defects appeared at the soldering sites.

There is a possibility that there was a voltage drop in the mains. In this case, turn off the washing machine, and turn it back on after 30 seconds. If this does not help, then you will have to turn to specialists for help, since a control element needs to be replaced.

On the main panel there are buttons with which you can select the washing mode. They can also break down after a while. In this case, the machine produces codes bE, bE1, bE2, bE3, EB, BC2. These symbols indicate one of the following problems:

  1. The control buttons do not press or fall.
  2. There were problems in the relay.
  3. The panel is too tightly screwed.
  4. Internal plastic elements are deformed.

To try to unlock the device, you need to press the buttons several times. After that, the machine should be turned on. If this does not help, it is better to contact a service center. It is quite difficult to fix this problem yourself.

Ventilation and heating elements

There are washing machines that can dry clothes. If the device has such a mode, then in the event of an element malfunction, the symbols FC or FE will appear on the display. So the system reports the following problems:

Samsung washing machine start capacitor

  1. There are damage to the wiring.
  2. The starting capacitor is broken.
  3. The blades are locked. This can happen due to garbage or lack of lubrication.
  4. The connector has shifted.

At first glance, the problem seems simple, but it is not so. In this case, you need to call the wizard, so as not to break the device completely.

Before washing, the device first heats the water to the desired temperature using the heater. If there is any malfunction, then the display will show E6, E5, HC2, HC1, HC, H2, H1, HE3, HE2, HE1 or NOT. These errors appear with the following problems:

  1. Short circuit or wire break in internal wiring.
  2. The temperature sensor has broken.
  3. The heater failed.
  4. The device is not properly connected to the network.

In this case, you can only try to adjust the connection of the machine to the network yourself. If this is not the case, then you will have to seek help from a service center.

Temperature sensing element and overheating

In some cases, the temperature sensor may not work properly. Then the display shows TC, EC, tE1, tE2, TC1, TC2, TC3, TC4 and in some cases tE3. Such a breakdown may occur for one of the following reasons:

Tubular electric heater on a Samsung washing machine

  1. Malfunctions in the internal electrical wiring.
  2. The tubular electric heater is broken.
  3. It does not work or the temperature sensor is not installed correctly.

Such problems should not be attempted to be fixed independently if there is no certain knowledge and skills. In this case, you will have to contact the master.

Overheating can usually occur in washing machines that are equipped with a drying function. In this case, an EE error appears on the screen. The reasons are as follows:

  1. The temperature sensor is not working properly.
  2. The electric heater (TEN) is broken.
  3. A break in the wiring inside the device.

In this case, you also have to contact a professional. It is unlikely that it will be possible to fix the device on its own.

Imbalance and excess foam

Excessive foam in the washing machine

If the balance is disturbed, UE, E4 or UB errors appear. Often this happens due to the imbalance of the device itself or due to the fact that the linen when laying in the drum was distributed unevenly.

To balance the washing machine, you can use the instructions for the specific model. During washing, it is necessary to evenly lay the laundry on the drum.

In some cases, a large amount of foam may appear. Then the codes Sud, Sub, SD, SUdS, 5UD appear. Excess foam appears for the following reasons:

  1. During washing, a low-quality detergent was used.
  2. Too much powder was poured.
  3. The powder is not suitable for a specific model of the washing machine.

If the foam does not penetrate through the door, then you can not turn off the device. You should wait until it becomes smaller, and continue washing. After completing work, clean the filter. If the foam comes out, then you must immediately turn off the unit, remove the laundry and clean the filter.

Error codes allow you to quickly find the problem, which greatly speeds up its solution. Some breakdowns can be fixed on their own, but in other cases it is better to contact service centers or private specialists.

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