Which refrigerator with a large freezer is the best

In modern kitchen it is impossible to do without this unit. It doesn’t matter which refrigerators - with or without a large freezer, stuffed with features or the simplest model, purchased for 15,000 rubles or several hundred thousand - they are always in demand in any family. Each owner has his own opinion about the size of the device, but still the majority prefers two-chamber modifications with a capacious cooling compartment.

Ways to arrange a freezer in refrigerators

The dependence of the layout on the nationality of the manufacturer

Design and technical solutions may depend on the country in which the home appliance manufacturer appeared. Any of them has standard modifications with a height of 168-180 cm, however, new models of refrigerators, large and medium, are mainly made with this design and the location of the compartments:

Description of leading manufacturers

Advantages of installing a freezer below

  • European brands produce appliances with a lower freezer, whose volume is not outstanding. Usually it is no more than 110 liters, although there are tendencies for its increase.
  • American models with Side-by-Side doors are much larger. In these refrigerators, the large freezer is a separate compartment with a size of at least 200 liters with numerous functions - an ice generator, a cold water dispenser. Some models have their own front-panel TV. However, such a device does not fit in every Russian kitchen, and its price is far from budgetary.
  • Asian manufacturers usually supply products that are not very high, with an upper freezer compartment and a very small volume - less than 100 liters. But even among such products, an exception can be found. Capacity growth occurs, as a rule, due to an increase in the width of the product.
  • There are refrigerators with a large refrigerator, not very common in our country. They are called French Door and the freezing compartment here is 1 or 2 drawers. The height of such equipment is average, and the width is from 60 to 120 centimeters. However, with equal dimensions, the freezer is significantly larger than that of similar European or Asian brands.

But no matter what conditional distinction may exist, modern demand dictates its own rules. Therefore, almost all brands have an assortment of lines that are not characteristic of the country of origin, but are oriented to the region where household appliances will be sold.

Freezer Location

Most consumers, before purchasing a refrigerator, imagine where this compartment can be located at units of one or another brand. There are three possible ways:

Rating of popular models

  • The option with top placement is typical for economy class equipment, has a minimum volume. Due to the lack of zoning, it is possible to mix odors of different products.
  • For models with a lateral arrangement, the shelves are narrow and high. Due to the fact that some space will be spent on closing the shutters, it is impossible to fill them all. Due to the location of the compressor from below, the temperature at different tiers will be different.
  • Two-chamber refrigerators with a large freezer below, in which there are three or four drawers, have become the most popular for home. The optimal price of such devices is from 20,000 to 40,000 rubles. There are many representatives of domestic firms in this range.

Due to the wide distribution of samples consisting of two compartments, it is necessary to consider the advantages that the camera located above the floor provides. The owner of such an aggregate can count on such advantages:

Tips for choosing equipment

  • Since the products are stored in separate boxes, the access of odors from them to each other will be minimal.
  • During use, it is allowed to sort the contents depending on the conditions that are required to store each item. Perhaps the use of shock freezing.
  • Due to the fact that the compressor, providing the circulation of the refrigerant, is located nearby, in order to ensure optimal storage conditions, it is not necessary to operate in heavy duty. This means that energy is consumed economically.

Therefore, for families where frozen fruits or vegetables are in high demand or semi-finished products are often purchased, such a refrigerator with a large freezer will be a true friend and helper.

Equipment rating

Rating of the best large refrigerators

Many companies offer their products on the market for such products. Basically, these are well-known brands in Russia, whose products are famous for reliable performance, high-quality materials and a wide range of prices - from cheap simple models to cool, expensive units with unique characteristics. Basically, most of these devices are regularly included in the top customer votes, systematically involved in control purchases of transmissions that determine the consumer properties of goods.

Company Overview

As a rule, descriptions on special sites include products that are best sold today in most chain and online stores. These models are characterized by reliability and durability, the reputation of manufacturers, earned for decades. These firms include:

How to choose a refrigerator in the house

  • Refrigerators with the Atlant logo from Belarus, which have long established themselves as inexpensive and economical. The cost of most samples rarely exceeds 25,000 rubles. Their best models can be compared with the products of leading world companies of a similar level.
  • German specialists from Bosch offer multi-chamber units with a freezer located below and an inverter motor. This new generation of equipment consumes much less electricity compared to conventional, which forces customers to opt for this particular brand.
  • The mid-price segment was taken by Samsung and LG from South Korea. Although refrigerators of these brands do not have large freezing compartments, one can find decent quality products in their lines.
  • The Chinese Haier products have the maximum capacity of an ice box with an equal total volume with many other models. In 2018-2019 The production of French Door modifications began. True, the cost of such samples is still high, but in the future there may be new modifications at a budget price.
  • Those wishing to purchase refrigerators in Side-by-side configuration need to look towards Beko or Candy.
  • Wide machines with an upper freezer are offered by the Japanese Hitachi. Despite this arrangement, it cannot be said that it is small. However, such products have not yet gained much popularity in our country.

Description of typical models

In order to correctly choose exactly what is required in the kitchen, it is not necessary to immediately go to the store to buy the first refrigerator that you like. You can preview sites offering descriptions, customer reviews, and technical data sheets on the Internet. Having stopped on the product you like, you can go to the shopping center, where the goods are in stock and see it in full size. Perhaps something can be advised by a consultant. Here are a few samples that fit the concept of a large freezer:

Which refrigerator with a large freezer is the best

Features of choosing a refrigerator

Top Refrigerators

  • Liebherr SBS 7212 will cost a considerable amount. It belongs to the side-by-side variety with an ice chamber of 261 liters and a know-frost system in it and an A + type of energy consumption. 2 compressors are responsible for the operation.There is an alarm for an unclosed door and an increase in temperature inside. Despite the impressive total capacity (651), it is easily entered into the apartment and placed in a medium-sized kitchen. This is achieved through sophisticated walls made of innovative materials. Shelves and drawers are removed without the slightest effort. It seems to some that the price of about 100 thousand rubles is too high, but judging by the reviews, this is the best offer in its class.
  • If you are looking for a durable, roomy and quiet refrigerator for a family of three or more people, then the Sharp SJ-F96SPSL would be an ideal option. It has 3 chambers with a freezer of 211 liters. In all compartments, the No Frost method works, there is a timer, an air ionizer and a filter, protection from children's carelessness. The biting price is about 140 thousand rubles. - justified by the high quality of the materials used and the perfect assembly.
  • Even when, after entering the market, the price of the Hitachi R-S702PU2GS unit dropped to 190 thousand rubles, most buyers will have to look for a cheaper device. But compared to classmates, this cost is not so great. For a two-chamber refrigerator with a volume of 605 liters and a freezer 228 liters, with the technology of the absence of ice, a freshness zone and other bells and whistles, this amount is quite real.
  • Compared to the previous model, the Vestfrost VF 395-1 SBW is offered for almost nothing. Its cost is almost half that, and it will leave no less positive emotions. Like most of these devices, the model belongs to class A + in terms of energy costs. Its chip is a drip system in a 241 liter freezer and seven drawers. In another compartment - the traditional NoFrost. Management is designed in such a way that each department can work independently of each other. Of the small drawbacks, there is a slight buzz during switching modes and large dimensions - for installation you need a spacious kitchen.
  • For those who plan to choose a side-by-side construction model equipped with a pair of compressors belonging to the energy class A ++, with a dual defrosting system and a 261 liter glacier, it is worth taking a look at the Liebherr SBS 7253 for 150 thousand rubles. In addition, there are freshness areas - dry and wet, a display and a ten-year guarantee against refrigerant leakage. This model confidently maintains the temperature in the chambers for up to 40 hours after an emergency blackout. The interior has LED lights, and the shelf in the freezer can be folded to accommodate a tall item. Some in this model lack an ice generator, others are not very impressed by the rustic design, but these oversights did not affect its popularity.

Refrigerator Tips

In order for the purchase to please the owner with trouble-free operation for many years, as well as satisfy his daily needs, you must first study the characteristics that determine the right choice. The following indicators can affect preferences:

Modern refrigerators

  • Dimensions of the device. First of all, he should not occupy the entire kitchen and interfere with the operation of other household appliances and the presence of owners in it. It is worth paying attention to where the door opens.
  • The volume must satisfy the quantity of products that are supposed to be stored in it. An excessively large freezer will increase the cost of the product, and a small one will not be suitable for a family of 3-4 people.
  • Despite the fact that most refrigerators are equipped with auto-defrosting systems, servicing them once a year is still necessary. Therefore, you need to weigh the benefits of know-frost or drip technology, and then decide on the acquisition.
  • A model with two compressors will optimally distribute the load between the sections and perform cleaning in each of them in turn.
  • The climatic and energy-consuming class is usually indicated on the sticker on the front of the equipment.
  • Internal content is selected purely individually based on the needs of the family. Additional equipment and control functions affect the cost, but make the operation of the unit much more convenient.

Of course, the choice of refrigeration equipment for the kitchen is not limited to expensive models. Most of the segment is occupied by samples of the budget category, reviews of which are available on the Internet on the websites of manufacturers and stores:

LG GC-Q247CABV InstaView with a wine cabinet for 12 bottles and a freezer of 220 liters just came up to the size of the kitchen in our house. For the year of using no complaints. The wish to future buyers of such a model is to carefully choose the installation location. Doors must be opened at least 90 degrees to provide convenient access to the contents.


Liebherr SBSesf 7212 has been serving faithfully for several years. Enough food gets into the freezer to provide our family with food for a couple of weeks. And also make preparations for the winter, freeze berries. Only flimsy hands grieve, which is a disease of this brand.


Instead of the old Minsk, inherited from the parents and honestly worked for almost 30 years, the handsome ATLANT XM 4425–000 N was purchased. For such sizes, the compactness and volume of the lower freezer were surprising - 107 liters. Electronic control, Know Frost in both cameras and the price - all this immediately bribed in a new Belarusian product.

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