200 Indian-style interior design ideas with photos

The Indian style in the interior is represented by a unique combination of simple shapes and lines. It harmoniously combines the traditions of Hinduism, majesty, Arabic chic and the ascetic lifestyle that is inherent in yogis. The design of an apartment or house in the Indian style is always complemented by objects made of gold, luxurious decor, carved furniture and expensive textiles. The room decorated in the Indian style includes national ornaments, rich textures, and magnificent drawings.

Every thing here seems to be saturated with spirituality, and the color scheme is dominated by bright shades, which are rarely found in European interiors. With all this, the required elements of the decor of Indian houses are harmoniously combined: ivory, wrought metal and natural wood products. We suggest you look at a selection of the most interesting and original color schemes that are typical for the interior in the Indian style.

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Ideas for designing different colors

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Bright Indian-style living room

Light Indian-style furniture and light Indian-style wallpapers visually expand the space and make it easier.

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Dark indian style in the interior

Photos in dark colors convey the atmosphere of sophistication and tranquility. However, such shades are always complemented by contrasting colors (colorful curtains in the Indian style or a bright bedspread in the Indian style).

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Green indian motifs

In the interior, green means harmony and tranquility. Its light colors in the apartment will create a good mood, and dark ones will give a feeling of peace.

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Beige room design

In the Indian style, bright colors always prevail, but this does not mean that a calm beige color can be the basis for them.

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White interior in indian style

The photos you see are an example of a successful combination of colors. Apartments in which white is present always seem more spacious.

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Brown Indian Interiors

All shades of brown have a calming effect on the human psyche. They are considered one of the universal options. Decorated in this way, the Indian-style kitchen (see photo below) will look very impressive.

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Indie style in red

Danger, aggression, passion, militancy are always associated with red. Therefore, preferring such an interior, you need to try to add additional colors to it. For example, you can think of decorating a room in the Indian style with your own hands in a calmer color.


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Calm gray interior

India, whose style implies brightness and contrasts, does not refuse to use gray. For example, a bedroom in the Indian style (photo below) of gray color will look gorgeous if supplemented with green, yellow or blue.

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Indian interior and room decor in blue

The house, the interior of which is dominated by blue, is filled with depth and tranquility. Shades of blue create the illusion of the sea coast.

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Classic black home interior

Elegant black color can be diluted with bright Indian-style paintings and all kinds of colorful motifs on textiles.

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A selection of 100 modern ideas

Typically, a house dominated by Indian design is sure to be saturated with orange, red and turquoise shades. Another important characteristic is the use of natural materials and dyes. Indian interior design is not characterized by minimalism: it is filled with patterns, decor and details, many of which are symbolic.

A very popular element is the use of plants, both natural and artificial. Moreover, each element, despite the variety of color shades, creates a single harmonious composition. Choose for yourself that design option that you like the most, and use his ideas in arranging your own home.

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