Features and nuances of the art deco style in the interior of the house

Each direction in design has its own distinctive features. Very interesting and original features of the art deco style in the interior.

Features of the art deco style in the interior

If you make a few small mistakes, the apartment may become tasteless instead of looking luxurious and status.

To implement the idea, elite materials, exclusive expensive furniture and many different accessories are used.

Style History

Art Deco appeared after the First World War and became a kind of challenge against asceticism and restraint. This style also represents a hymn to the past, a memory of past luxury, recalls Bach's “joke” and expresses a desire for progress. The direction affects both the past and the future, so it does not lose its popularity over the years.

Art Deco Features

The name of the style appeared in the summer of 1925 when the exposition “Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modern” was presented in Paris, which presented exquisite paintings, sculptures and home decoration. All things were created in a similar way. Art Nouveau style, manifestations of neoclassicism were also visible. This direction was called art deco.

Now the style is used both for decorating the design of apartments and houses, and for creating a luxurious interior in expensive restaurants.

In the latter case, majestic massive columns may be present in the room. Moscow has a specialized museum dedicated to art deco.

Concept features

A multifaceted and luxurious style is created from many small details.

The most popular textures and materials in art deco are:

Art Deco style apartment interior

  1. Aluminum.
  2. Wood.
  3. Stainless chrome steel.
  4. Genuine leather and animal skins.
  5. Glass.
  6. Ceramic / stone tiles.
  7. Luxurious fabrics (silk, satin, velor).

This style is designed to make the apartment rich and glamorous, so the materials that are used in the process of its creation should be shiny and shining.

The most bohemian and chic looks lacquer, polished and gloss. Shapes and lines should also match.


  1. Stripes and zigzags.
  2. Trapezoid.
  3. Steps.
  4. Contours and frames.

One of the hallmarks of art deco is curved outlineenergetic and sharp. Zigzag ornament is usually used for laying parquet and ceramic tiles. Watches, mirrors, walls and furniture are often decorated with imitations of the sun.

Podiums and steps - one of the most popular features of the interior of the house in the art deco style.

Many details of artdeco design are made in the form of a trapezoid, for example, backs of chairs, mirrors, door handles and other elements. The so-called "keys" are popular - the alternation of black and white stripes.

Finishing and colors

The most popular colors in art deco are a variety of shades of gray, beige, brown, metallic colors, stylization of leather and wood. Vivid colors, such as red, gold or green, can only be present as small fragments. One of the characteristic features of the interior of an apartment in the art deco style is the use of three or more shades. Very beige in this design look beige wallpaper without a picture.

 art deco style home interior

The bathroom, and sometimes the kitchen, is often tiled in black and white, creating from it the shape of keys or zigzags. The walls in the bedroom are often paneled with wood or painted. Glossy parquet looks great in such an interior; accents on the contour allow you to make borders.Niches in the form of trapezoids, partitions in the form of steps, all kinds of geometric components - all this helps to travel back to the past.

Great option for the living room - decorative plaster. Visually, it resembles frescoes from the past. The ceiling is characterized by smooth lines, classical borders are located around the perimeter, all these are distinctive characteristics of the style. You can arrange a hidden backlight, although this is not necessary.

Stretch ceilings will not work for art deco - they will look too budgetary, even glossy options. In addition, the design is so heavily loaded. For the floor, parquet made according to the old model is suitable, that is, narrow boards should be located in the form of a pattern, for example, squares or a Christmas tree. Often in such an interior, colorful carpets are placed, because of which the floor is almost invisible.

Interior items and decor

Stunning look sofas and armchairs, the backs of which are made in the shape of a trapezoid. Ideally, if such furniture is made of leather, but fabric trim is also suitable, the main thing is that it does not go out of the general style.

 art deco interiors

Pedestals and sideboards fit perfectly into the interior. However, they should not be carved, concise details look best. Glass shelves and countertops, various mirror surfaces are also relevant. To create the ideal style of the 20s, many lamps are needed.

You can place vases in the apartment, for example, with the image of the sun or decorated with antique patterns. An integral element of art deco - girls figurines.

Ladies with a shady racket or paddle are a real symbol of the 20s. It was then that renewed interest in sports and the cult of a healthy body began to form.

Unusual plants, such as palm trees, as well as souvenirs brought from travel, will create an extravagant design and bring the spirit of adventure. When choosing furniture and accessories, it should be remembered that details with floral and floral ornaments are unacceptable for the art deco interior style, they will look out of place.

Textile selection

In contrast to the classic style and modern execution, soft details are very common in the design of the 20s. Textiles applied a great variety. These are soft sofas, pillows, carpets, curtains, all kinds of canopies and massive headboards. Such elements are present in many design options, but in the ardeco style they are many times more.

 art deco interior

It makes no sense to select a single texture, wanting to get a specific style. It is not necessary to choose only a light tone or place exclusively burgundy furniture in the room.

The most important thing in art deco is maintain the proportion of color and texture, as if touching, but not getting into it for sure.

To design the windows, curtains are used, made of luxurious expensive materials - satin or velvet. But the room should not look dark, so the curtains should be kept open.

The specifics of the design of the premises

When creating interior design, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of each room.

For example, remember that:

Art Deco Interior

  1. The entrance hall should not be dark, especially if the room is narrow. To make the room wider, you can place a mirror wall, make the floor light and provide high-quality lighting.
  2. In the bedroom, the spirit of art should be felt throughout. Massive graceful bed, nude paintings, animal skins on the floor.
  3. In the kitchen, furniture with a glossy or varnished facade will look great, and polished veneer made of valuable wood is also suitable.
  4. The interior of the bathroom should be admired. Massive tanks of irregular shape look great.
  5. The design of the living room is designed to emphasize the wealth and wealth of the owner. Furniture should be made of expensive materials, and accessories should be in harmony with the interior.

Latest trends

Every year there are all new trends in the design of houses. Before you make repairs in the apartment, you should familiarize yourself with A description of the latest trends in 2019 for this style:

Art deco style in the interior

  1. Home owners will not have to think about which color to choose for the new interior. The most popular shades today are wine, gold, gray and white. These colors are typical for the direction of the 20s, and therefore will be relevant for a very long time.
  2. The highlighted onyx is relevant, which can be easily brought into the finished interior. This idea can be applied to decorate ceilings, doorways, stairs or countertops.
  3. In recent years, in the style of art deco began to actively create children's rooms.
  4. In addition, fluorescent wallpapers are also used, which look very self-sufficient and do not need additional decorations. They allow you to create an atmosphere of magic.

To realize the interior in the direction of art deco is very difficult both practically and financially. It is best to seek the help of a professional designer. However, with a competent approach, all efforts will pay off, and the house will look like from a picture.

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