Interior design nursery for a boy and a girl together

Many families are forced to combine the bedrooms of heterosexual children in one room in the conditions of small-sized apartments.

Nursery interior for boy and girl together

You need to understand that the harmonious interior of a nursery for a boy and a girl together is a difficult task even for experienced designers.

But there are many interesting solutions for its implementation.

Zoning space

To make the bedroom of a girl and a boy comfortable and convenient, it is necessary to distinguish several zones in it. It is important to properly plan and divide the space, without violating the general style of the room, because the zoning of rooms has many nuances. Thus, it is possible to satisfy the interests and tastes of children, give them the opportunity to go about their own business, and avoid conflicts. This is very important for the formation of the children's psyche.

It is advisable for a comfortable existence to allocate for the girl and boy the most spacious and bright room. You can divide the room and create for each child a personal small corner, using different ideas:

  • capital partitions;
  • open shelving;
  • sliding screens;
  • multi-level floor;
  • multi-tiered structures;
  • color accents.

Interior of a nursery for a boy and a girl

In a spacious room it is easier to create personal and common areas, but even a small room can be transformed in an amazing way if you are smart and creative in creating the interior.

The main zones are allocated regardless of the size of the room.

Various interior items will help to delimit the space effectively: shelves, lighting devices located at each child’s “own” wall. You can distinguish as follows:

 room for girl and boy together

  1. A place to sleep and relax. The girl and the boy should have isolated beds. The use of bunk beds or attic beds saves a small space as much as possible. Children love such designs. But this option is suitable for rooms with high ceilings. The best choice would be multifunctional beds or a podium device, in which a berth will slide into a niche.
  2. Work area for study and creative studies. The best place by the window is where there is enough sunlight. If there are two schoolchildren in the family, then bulky desks can be replaced with light consoles attached to the wall. Above each place, place open shelves for stationery and books. For young children, a common working area can be distinguished.
  3. Gaming. This zone should be shared. There may be a game table, a training board with many different functions, a common wigwam. It does not hurt to highlight this place with a bright rug.
  4. A place to store things and toys. Most often, these are spacious open shelves and shelves, since there is usually not enough space to install storage systems. A good solution would be beds, sofas, podiums with built-in drawers for linen and clothes. If the area allows, a common wardrobe is installed, but with separate shelves for brother and sister.

If both children are active and mobile, then a small sports corner should be arranged for them. Of course, not to the detriment of the main zones.

Interior design

The interior of a children's room for a boy and a girl is affected by its size and shape, the age of the children, their hobbies.

Before making repairs, parents should discuss with the children different layout options to avoid disappointment as a result.

Color selection

Color is an important zoning tool. Designers recommend decorating a bedroom of heterosexual children different color palette options:

 nursery interior for boy and girl

  1. Gender neutral tones are suitable for small rooms. The most popular ones are black and white, brown, beige, gray, green, yellow tones and their shades. When choosing a color, it is necessary to take into account which side the room's windows face. Adding bright accessories to revitalize the room, give it personality. A universal design option involves colors that both children like. But it is preferable for placement on growth or with a significant difference in age.
  2. The traditional colors for heterosexual children are blue and pink. Do not get hung up on them, because you can choose other pleasant tones that indicate gender. It can be yellow-blue, orange-lettuce, beige-olive.
  3. You can divide the territory of children by highlighting them in different shades of the same color. Or draw an accent wall with drawings of animals, plants or cartoon characters that both brother and sister like. With opposite interests, children can create their own individual corner with the help of stickers on a neutral background and become their full owners.

The choice of color should be taken very carefully, since the color scheme has a great influence on the development of children.

Psychologists do not advise decorating the nursery in red - it will overexcite the children's psyche. The use of other very bright colors is also unacceptable.

Furniture requirements

The interior of the nursery for girls and boys is not recommended to clutter up with furniture. It should be compact and practical, always selected in style and color. All items must comply with safety requirements.

 interior of a nursery for a girl and a boy

it comfortable stable tables and chairs with rounded corners, selected for growth. All cabinets and shelves are firmly fixed, folding mechanisms work easily and simply. Furniture should be made of quality materials without the presence of harmful toxic substances.

For a narrow room, making a custom-made furniture for individual sizes will be a good solution, which will significantly save space.

Local lighting and decor

In a common nursery, local artificial lighting is needed. Children will be able to turn on the light as needed, without interfering with each other. Lamps and sconces are located in different convenient places.

The interior of the children's room can be decorated with various accessories and decorative elements.

These are informative posters with letters and numbers, drawings of animals and plants, unusual bedspreads, pillows, rugs, paintings and panels. In the doorway, you can attach a horizontal bar or swing.

Features of a bedroom for teenagers

In adolescence, gender differences are increasingly apparent. The interior of the common room is planned so that two growing children feel equally comfortable and cozy.

Children's room for a boy and a girl

If the younger ones can still have a common table, wardrobe and other items, then adolescents stubbornly defend their personal territory. A compact furniture set, the use of folding structures, partitions, screens, expansion of the room due to a loggia, calm color scheme will help to organize and save space correctly.

When dividing a teenage room into zones, a place should be organized for receiving guests.

If the area allows, install a small sofa or couch where friends and girlfriends can sit.

Style direction

The design of the children's room can be decorated in different styles. There is where to play fantasy. The following styles are most popular:

 decoration of a children's room for a boy and a girl

  1. Modern minimalism. Assumes light colors that visually expand the space. Minimum decor, but bright colors are acceptable. Economical style has the advantage of using multifunctional transformer furniture. Allows you to combine different materials with smooth surfaces.Minimalism is best chosen for the bedroom of students with a difference in age.
  2. Looks good modern classic style, but it requires a large area. This is a minimum of decor and stucco molding, the use of natural finishing materials, natural fabrics, a classic chandelier or lamps. Solid furniture of simple shapes. The color scheme is calm and natural. Ideal for teenagers.
  3. High tech is also great for children of high school age. This is an abundance of metal and glass, modern appliances and lighting, built-in furniture.
  4. Ethnic. Allows you to use a large number of different natural materials. This tree, linen, dry flowers, weaving. Children will be happy to independently produce decorative panels and paintings, showing creative skills.

At the request of children, you can issue a themed interior room for a girl and a boy, which will give both aesthetic pleasure.

How to share a room for gay children

It can be a marine theme, a fabulous, cosmic, favorite cartoon.

The division into female and male roles implies the choice of appropriate accessories and a certain color palette.

Psychologists believe that a common nursery for heterosexual children has its advantages. Living together improves and strengthens the relationship between brother and sister.

They begin to better understand each other, respect the feelings and interests of the opposite sex.

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