Can I put the stove next to the sink?

When planning the placement of household appliances, sanitary ware and functional furniture in the kitchen, it is very important to adhere to the canons of ergonomics and technical indicators. But it is equally important to place all the modules in such a way that it is convenient for the housewife to use them, since she has to spend most of her free time in the kitchen. That is why today we decided to understand the question of whether it is possible to put the stove next to the sink, because this is the first thing that many pay their attention to, designing the design of the kitchen space. Today we will introduce you to the basic principles of the design of a comfortable kitchen and tell you what is the minimum distance possible between the hob and sink, so that it is convenient and safe.

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The basic design principles of a comfortable kitchen

To answer all questions at once, including such as whether it is possible to put a refrigerator next to a sink or a stove next to a refrigerator, we will introduce you to the design principles for a comfortable and safe kitchen.

Principle number 1. The plate plays a decisive role in the arrangement of all modules

Since the kitchen is a room for cooking, it is the stove that plays the main role in the ensemble of all kitchen furniture. Before disposing of household appliances and plumbing, you must correctly install the hob.

To properly install the stove in the kitchen, listen to the following recommendations:

  • Do not place the stove close to the wall, otherwise - all splashes from oil and cooked products will settle directly on it. To avoid this situation, when installing the slab, back off the wall for at least 15 cm.

Important! If your kitchen is small-sized, then occupy the free space between the stove and the wall with a narrow pedestal for cereals or bottles. If the hob is built into the countertop, then install it at a distance of 15 cm is quite realistic.

  • Do not place the plate close to the corner pedestal. In small kitchens, a corner cupboard is usually used, in which a sink is installed. In this case, the distance between the sink and the stove becomes critically small. In addition, an exhaust hood is almost always located above the stove, which, with a tight arrangement of the stove and the corner module, will not allow the hanging cabinet to partially or fully open.
  • Do not place the hob near the window, as there is a possibility of blowing fire from the gas stove through a draft. If the slab is close to the window, there is a risk of fire in the curtains or curtains.

After you have determined the location of the hob, proceed to install other modules: plumbing, household appliances and interior items. How to properly arrange all the elements of the kitchen space will be discussed below.


Principle number 2. Placing appliances in a comfortable kitchen must comply with the laws of ergonomics

Designers, choosing options for arranging furniture and household appliances in the kitchen, always take into account the laws of ergonomics. They allow you to increase productivity and reduce the cost of human energy during work.

The interior of any kitchen includes three important areas:

  1. Storage area. It includes a refrigerator, cabinets for food and utensils.
  2. A cooking area including a stove, oven and microwave.
  3. Washing area. This area includes a sink, dishwasher and dish dryer.

Important! All three important objects of the zones: a stove, a refrigerator and a sink are combined by an imaginary line into a working triangle, which in the future determines the location of all the furniture in the kitchen. The kitchen design is considered correct and most comfortable if the sides of the triangle (refrigerator - sink - stove) along which the hostess moves during cooking are balanced:

  • the maximum side of the triangle should be no more than 2.8 m;
  • minimum - not less than 1.2 m.

Based on the fact that the minimum side of the triangle is 1.2 m, the distance from the sink to the stove according to the laws of ergonomics should be about 60 cm.

Ergonomic laws also regulate the proper placement of modules depending on which hand is working:

  • If the mistress is right-handed, then for her comfort, place the appliances in the linear kitchen from left to right: refrigerator - sink - stove.
  • If the hostess is left-handed, then the location should be from right to left: refrigerator - sink - stove. In this case, the hostess will have to do a minimum of gestures with a maximum of useful returns.

Important! Do not forget that between all objects there must be a working plane.


Principle number 3. Appliance installation should be technically sound

In the instructions for household appliances, manufacturers always indicate the recommended distance to the nearest modules. Based on this information and according to common sense, the arrangement of all elements of the kitchen space must obey the following rules:

  • The minimum possible distance between the stove and the sink should be 45 cm. This parameter is due to the high temperature regime during use of the hob and the possibility of a short circuit (with an electric stove) with constant contact with moisture. The distinction between the zones of “fire” and “water” is quite logical and explainable, since after washing the products are moved to the work table for cutting, and then they fall on the hob surface of the stove.
  • The stove and the refrigerator must not be placed side by side, as the household appliance may deteriorate from heating the hob. The smallest possible distance between the elements of “fire” and “cold” can be 15 cm, which will not only save household appliances, but also make it cleaner.
  • For safety reasons, do not close the refrigerator to the sink, since moisture can get on the electrical wires and cause a short circuit.

If you use a dishwasher, then it must be correctly installed and connected. The rules for installing household appliances read:

  • The dishwasher must not be installed close to the hob and the oven, since even slight heating of these appliances may interfere with the operation of the machine.
  • The dishwasher must be firmly integrated between the two sections of the cabinet. You can’t park the car on the edge.
  • Keep the dishwasher close to the sink and drawer storage drawers. This will allow you to quickly and conveniently put clean utensils on shelves and drawers.

Important! To make cooking comfortable, place drawers with kitchen appliances in the immediate vicinity of the stove and sink.

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When can I install a sink next to the stove?

The close arrangement of “fire” and “water” is considered by many to be clearly wrong. The laws of ergonomics confirm this, which believe that the most convenient and safe is a working triangle with sides of 60-120 cm. But the theory is theory, but in practice everything is not so simple. Since there are many supporters of the location of the stove and the sink, I want to bring their arguments.

Pros of washing next to the stove:

  • The closer all the modules are located in the kitchen space, the less tired you are. In addition, there is no need to make unnecessary movements when preparing complex dishes: poured water into a container - immediately on the stove, removed a pan with pasta - immediately poured boiling water, and you do not have to cross the whole kitchen with red-hot dishes in your hands.
  • The ability to constantly monitor the cooking process.If the hostess is in close proximity to the stove, then she will always have time to reduce the fire or stir the ingredients so that the dish does not burn.
  • Convenience in restoring order and cleanliness. The proximity of water allows you to easily keep the stove, hood clean.

Cons of the location of the stove and sink next:

  • Flowing water and electricity create an increased risk zone. The possibility of fire or electric shock due to short circuit is great. If the stove is gas, then there is a danger of flooding the flame with all the ensuing consequences, up to the explosion of domestic gas.
  • The possibility of fire when water enters the oil during cooking. Drops of water can get into a pan with boiling fat (oil), and then problems can not be avoided. At a minimum, everything around the stove will be splashed with droplets of fat, at a maximum - a pillar of fire to the ceiling. Sometimes this situation causes a fire, especially if the kitchen has a stretch ceiling.
  • The proximity of household chemicals to food. Using detergents next to cooked food is quite dangerous. Cleaning powder or drops of water with detergent can “fly out” of the wet zone and get into food, which is unsafe.
  • Lack of working area.

Important! As you can see, the disadvantages of this arrangement are much greater, and they become more critical if the stove is electric, since water is a good enough conductor, so you should not risk your health.

The only option in which the hob and sink can be in close proximity is the small dimensions of the kitchen. However, in the smallest kitchenette, it is advisable to arrange a distance of 15-20 cm between incompatible objects. On these centimeters you can place:

  • Chopping board.
  • Standard retractable cargo net for storing bulk seasonings or liquid products in bottles (sunflower oil, vinegar).
  • Open shelves for small kitchen items.
  • The second small wash.

Important! If in a small room you have to install a stove in the immediate vicinity of the sink, it is better to buy a sink with two bowls. Then the distance from the mixer to the nearest burner will be 75 cm, and to the farthest - 120 cm, which fully fits into the safety requirements.

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The kitchen is a place where it should be comfortable, cozy, safe, therefore, it is not recommended to install any kitchen facilities of different zones in the immediate vicinity. But if such a layout is forced due to the small size of the kitchen, then show your imagination, and also use our tips and tricks to at least slightly separate “fire”, “water”, “cold”, and then the kitchen space will satisfy everyone safety and comfort standards!

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