Which accurate and inexpensive glucometer is better to choose: popular models,

A special device is needed to measure blood sugar levels. It can be easily bought at the pharmacy and used at home. Not all consumers know which meter is best to buy. It is worth carefully studying the rating of models, the main varieties and consumer reviews - this will help to make the right choice.

Which accurate and inexpensive glucometer is better to choose

Main characteristics

Glucometer is a portable device for measuring blood sugar. It is convenient to use not only at home, but also on trips. It is accurate and compact, but it requires special test strips.

The meter allows you to:

  • analyze painlessly;
  • adjust the menu according to the results.
  • prevent the development of dangerous complications;
  • determine the dose of injected insulin.

When a person decides to choose a glucometer for himself, he must give preference to an accurate and reliable device. There are several types of devices:

Electrochemical Glucometer

  1. Electrochemical. Test strips are treated with a special solution and when interacting with the patient’s blood, glycemia level is fixed by changing the electric current.
  2. Photometric. Test strips change color depending on glucose level.
  3. Romanovsky type. Sugar levels are measured using skin spectroscopy. Such models cannot be found on sale in Russia.

A popular type of meter is electrochemical. They differ in the accuracy of the results, but they have a high cost. The choice depends on the type of diabetes. At the first, models that have nozzles for punctures in different places will be convenient. The device should be convenient to use, i.e. be small and compact. Such an apparatus is easy to carry.

Models for the second type of diabetes may differ from those for the first. Additionally, they allow you to determine the level of cholesterol in the blood, which is important to prevent the occurrence of complications from the cardiovascular system.

Criterias of choice

It is not always easy to unambiguously decide which meter is good. It is necessary to take into account a number of characteristics that will help you choose a model of the device. It is better to give preference to reliable manufacturers who have managed to establish themselves in the market. This will ensure that the meter is high-quality and its readings are accurate.

Taking blood from a child.

It is important to choose test strips from the same manufacturer as the device - this will reduce the likelihood of measurement errors. Modern blood glucose meters vary in price, and among them it is not easy to choose the best in terms of price and quality. Additionally, you need to buy test strips.

The optimal amount of biomaterial for determining the level of glucose is 0.3-0.8 μl. This will allow you to make shallow punctures that will not bring discomfort. This is especially important for taking blood from a child.

The optimal diagnostic time is from 10 to 25 seconds. Some models require more time, and it is not very convenient to use the meter outside the home.

Test strips are different: they differ in the area of ​​blood application, size, manufacturer.

Modern sugar meters have a number of additional features. The sound signal is important for older people who have hearing problems. In addition to the method for determining the amount of glucose, memory is important. The device is able to store information about the latest measurements for 60 or 90 days.

Today, many blood glucose meters can be connected to a personal computer or smartphone. This allows you to transfer information to your doctor.

The top three representatives

Glucometer One Touch Select

Among the elderly, the One Touch Select meter is popular. It is distinguished by large numbers, simple use and an optimal coding system for test strips. Up to 350 analysis results are stored in memory. The processing time for one blood sample is only 5 seconds.

The One Touch Select Plus model is equipped with a three-color indicator, which allows you to visually see if the blood glucose level corresponds to a normal indicator. The user, together with the attending physician, can set individual indicator boundaries. Additionally, you can use the labels "before eating" or "after eating" - this allows you to note an individual reaction to products.

Among all age groups, Accu-check Active is popular. The device without coding, has a large and clear display. For measurement, 1-2 μl of blood is sufficient, and 500 results are stored in memory. To turn on, just insert a strip into the meter, turning off automatically after 30 or 90 seconds. It takes about 5 seconds to detect glucose levels.

Satellite Express

The satellite-express apparatus is becoming more and more popular - it is of Russian manufacture, but not inferior in quality to imported devices. The glucometer itself takes the right amount of blood for analysis, the drop does not need to be rubbed in a strip. For the device produce inexpensive test strips. The average cost of packaging is 500 rubles.

The model has a small amount of memory, and it can only store the last 60 measurements. It takes 7 seconds to determine the sugar level. The advantage of the device is the long battery life, designed for 5 thousand measurements.


Among the models of glucometers you can find little-known names. Such devices are not inferior in quality to popular devices. Clever Chek produces different versions of glucometers, characterized by low cost. Moreover, they have high technical characteristics. The average measurement time is 10 seconds, the blood volume is only 2 μl.

Clever Chek

Using the device is very easy, as Clever Chek requires a small puncture. Such manipulation does not bring discomfort. A bright display with large numbers makes the meter convenient for older people. Clever Chek models are accurate and compact.

Deacon It is made in Russia. This meter is practical, has a low price. It does not require coding, which reduces the risk of measurement errors. The device also displays recommendations on whether glucose is normal. 6 seconds are enough for determination, only 250 last results are stored in memory. Automatic shutdown occurs after three minutes of inactivity.

Glucometers "Contour TS" Ergonomic and attractive design. The model has a convenient shape that allows you to hold the device in your hands. Determination of glucose level takes 8 seconds, after the analysis is complete, a sound signal appears. It is possible to connect to a personal computer, which makes it possible to save information about the measurements.

User reviews

For a long time I did not know which glucometer is better to buy. In the pharmacy you can find different models of devices. I decided to compare some brands and for this I studied the reviews. As a result, I opted for Satellite Express. Easy to use, accurate, cheap. But to find a new generation model is very difficult, as it is not sold everywhere. The buttons click a little, but this is not critical.


Together with her husband, they decided to control the level of glucose in the blood. We have a bad heredity, and so we decided to regularly measure sugar. The pharmacy was looking for an inexpensive and reliable glucometer model. The specialist decided to advise us to Satellite Express. Large buttons and a large display will be convenient for older people. Test strips are cheap compared to those needed for other models. The device is easy to use.


I got gestational diabetes during pregnancy. The endocrinologist recommended buying a blood glucose meter, and my choice fell on the Accu-check Roche. This brand is reliable and established among Russian specialists. The device is easy to use, but it has very expensive test strips.

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