Which is better to choose a water heated towel rail: manufacturers rating

Today, the plumbing market has a large number of proposals, and therefore the owners of houses and apartments often do not know when buying a heated towel rail, which is better to choose. Rating and user reviews on the forums will help to figure this out. If once it was a regular U-shaped part of a painted pipe, now this heating element can be compared with a real work of art.

Water heated towel rail

Features of choice

The heated towel rail helps to quickly dry wet things, reduces high humidity in the room, and prevents the formation of mold on wall surfaces. In addition, modern models will help to decorate and highlight the overall style of the bathroom.

Before you buy a heated towel rail, you need to determine what type of product you want to install:

  • electric - rather energy-consuming, but easily connected to the mains;
  • water - an energy-efficient device that is familiar to many consumers;
  • combined - water circulates here, but if necessary, the product is heated by the heating element installed in it.

Heated towel rail in the bathroom

Only after that it is possible to consider which manufacturer of heated towel rails is better to choose in an apartment or house.

The water device most often looks like a curved pipe, where hot water flows inside. The operation of the heated towel rail depends directly on the circulation of the liquid, during its stop the product ceases to function. Before purchasing, you need to focus not only on an attractive design, but also on the quality of the material that was used for the manufacture.

When choosing a water dryer, you need to take into account the pressure in the line. Taking into account GOST and SNiP, the water pressure in the pipeline should be more than 5 atm.

In multi-storey buildings, the pressure is in the range of 3-8 atm. This indicator is affected by the number of storeys of the building, the quality of communications, the location of the building. The water pressure in the pipeline of a private house usually varies between 2.5-4 atm. Therefore, before choosing a device, you need to find out the characteristics of the water supply.

Manufacturers have developed drying products equipped with timers and switches. The first device makes it possible to set the time for turning on the heated towel rail before taking bath procedures. So, a towel or bathrobe will be warm when needed. Devices can be built-in or are separate elements. Many products have the option of maintaining the optimum temperature, set by the user using a temperature controller.

Production material

When choosing a water heated towel rail, it is necessary to focus not only on the technical characteristics of the product, but also on the material of its manufacture. The following can be used:

  • aluminum;
  • copper;
  • brass;
  • stainless steel;
  • ordinary steel.

Steel Dryers

The characteristics of the steel will depend on the additional chemical compounds in it. Most often, simple steel products are almost no different from stainless steel equipment. They have good thermal conductivity, and on the outside the devices are coated with a special composition that prevents corrosion.

Steel dryers are usually referred to as "budget" products - this is the best solution for people who want to save money. The main disadvantage is the relatively short operating time.

Stainless steel towel rails are considered quite reliable products with a long service life.The main advantage is to resist corrosion and withstand high pressures. In addition, they have high thermal conductivity. The disadvantage of this equipment is its high cost; it is an order of magnitude higher than copper or steel dryers.

Products made of copper or brass - the "golden mean" between the dryers made of stainless steel and steel. They have a beautiful appearance with a golden hue. Brass is an alloy of aluminum, zinc, copper and other elements. This is the most popular alloy, its main difference is elasticity.

These devices do not corrode, are slightly more expensive than steel dryers. The maximum pressure that a product made of this material can withstand is 7 bar. Therefore, this equipment is an excellent solution for use in the private sector, when the pressure is not more than 5 atm.

Equipment form

Towel dryers are divided into several varieties in form. Standard products, which are by and large heating equipment, have a curved appearance resembling the letters "P" or "M".

Today, heated towel rails of unusual sizes and original shapes are very popular. As a bathroom decor, consumers are increasingly looking at products with a modern design.

Towel dryer

Of these models, a fairly large selection of dryers of various configurations is presented on the plumbing market:

  • ladder;
  • double-circuit;
  • zigzag;
  • U-, M- and U-shaped;
  • teardrop-shaped.

In addition to the standard products of water dryers, you can purchase designer exclusive devices with an intricate and unique design.

Water heated towel rails also often have additional details, which are hooks for linen and bathrobes, shelves for storing various bath accessories. Before choosing a dryer, you need to think carefully about whether all these elements are required, since any additional option significantly increases the cost of the product.

In addition to design, the size of the equipment is considered a very important factor. A balance must be maintained between the required number of towels for drying and the dimensions of the appliance.

Review of the best models

To choose the right device, you can see an overview of the most popular products. Today's market presents a wide range of heating elements.

Water towel dryers, the best manufacturers and models of 2019:

Sunerzha Furor

Terminus Astra New Design.

  1. Sunerzha Furor. A versatile, practical and stylish stainless steel dryer with an attractive design. Additionally it is completed with various elements - valves, a shelf, a temperature regulator. Price - 11 thousand rubles.
  2. Margaroli Vento 405. The device has a small size of 61 × 66 cm and low requirements for water quality. The brass dryer is chrome-plated and corrosion resistant. The model has an original design and the ability to turn 180 degrees. It can withstand temperatures up to 115 degrees, pressure - up to 8 atmospheres. Cost - 11500 p.
  3. Terminus Siena. Products of this manufacturer are made in Russia. The model has many sections - 34 pieces. The stainless steel water ladder shows excellent parameters in the area of ​​12.7 m² and the volume of 31.6 m³ of the heated room. But quite large in size - 122x68.4x9 cm. Price - 44000 p.
  4. Arbonia Karomix. It is characterized by large sizes - 195 × 51x21 cm, a clear geometric shape and original design. You can separately set the remote control. It has excellent heat dissipation, at +55 degrees - 1000 watts. But the cost is quite high - 125,000 p.
  5. Terminus Astra New Design. This device has the best combination of stainless steel quality, good functionality, low cost and attractive design. The main advantage is that it can be connected to the hot water supply and to the electrical network. It can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees, pressure up to 8 atmospheres. Price - 8500 p.
  6. Energy Modern. Functional and practical dryer made of high-quality food-grade steel that effectively resists the aggressive chemical composition of water.A large number of crossbars can decorate the interior of any room. The main disadvantage is that stainless steel reacts negatively to stray currents. Price - 6000 p.
  7. Trugor 6P. The device of the Russian manufacturer, made of stainless steel, belongs to the budget category. But at the same time, the quality remains at its best, and the appearance is presentable. Dimensions - 7x4x3.18 cm. In addition to eight sections, the kit has a shelf. The dryer is designed for a room with a volume of 8.3 m³ and an area of ​​3.27 m². Cost - 7500 rubles.

Disadvantages of a heated towel rail

There are many models of dryers of various shapes and different cost. But before studying the rating of water heated towel rails and choosing a specific product, you need to know what characteristics of the equipment do not fit the description of the best device:

Disadvantages of a heated towel rail

  • pipe material is black steel (highly susceptible to corrosive processes);
  • in production, a thin-walled welded pipe was used;
  • a product where there are many tubes of different diameters in the structure (high risk of clogging);
  • a foreign-made device connected to the heating system (it happens that this equipment does not have an anti-corrosion coating inside);
  • the design does not have a Mayevsky crane, which is required to drain the water, so there is a great risk of air jams;
  • equipment with a polymer-enamel coating does not look so stylish and modern, unlike chromed products, while it has poor performance.

Dryer installation

All products are connected to risers, so they must be connected to the heating system and hot water pipes. The installation method depends directly on the features of the dryer and individual preferences.

Dryer installation

When choosing between installation methods, residents of multi-storey buildings most often use a wall-mounted installation. This option is best for small rooms. In the bathroom, this design can be used as a bracket for towels.

A dryer installed on the floor will additionally heat the bath, moreover, this function is combined with non-contact drying of towels. To do this, you can fix the hanger over the device. The warm air rising from the appliance will dry things. The disadvantages of outdoor equipment include the fact that it cannot be installed in small rooms.

When choosing a water towel dryer, you need to consider the way you connect the product. There are three main options:

  1. Diagonal connection. This method makes it possible to create an effective circulation of the coolant, but in order to carry it out, it is additionally required to lay pipes. It can be combined with dimensional products, ladders and their varieties.
  2. Bottom connection. To make this type of connection, a Mayevsky crane must be in the design, in addition, a normal water pressure is required. This installation method is best suited for large-sized products; it is often used when installing equipment like a “ladder”.
  3. Lateral connection. It is used for products that are elongated vertically. This method is considered universal, it can be combined with individual ladder devices, a "recessed" pipe system, standard snakes.

The most popular type of dryer with side mounting. This is due to the ease of connection to the water supply and equipment features. When choosing a lateral unit, you must not forget that certain types of products may not be combined with standard Russian systems.

Most often, the diameter of the risers in multi-storey buildings is 1.2-1.4 inches. According to European standards, the diameter of the pipes is 1.5 inches. If a device with this section has been selected, you must separately purchase an adapter, it will allow you to perform further installation.

In order to get a high-quality and reliable water towel dryer, you need to pay great attention to the product coating, how individual elements are welded, and also to the threads from the ends of the device. It will not be superfluous to verify the availability of certificates for a heated towel rail. In addition to the warranty card, the equipment must be completed with hygienic confirmation with the name of the manufacturer.

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