How to remove stains from cosmetics?

Traces of lipstick on the collar of a white shirt evoke thoughts of romance only in the movies. In real life, such a still life poses a question to the housewife with an edge: how to remove stains from cosmetics? Moreover, it must be borne in mind that on women's clothing these spots appear much more often than on men's. And here it’s not at all up to romance. You need to save your favorite things at all costs. Let's find out what are the ways to get rid of such pollution.

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Useful Tips

Cosmetics can be different, and stains from it must be introduced, respectively, in different ways. But, nevertheless, experts recommend sticking to the following features:

  • The sooner you start the fight with the stain, the more chances you have of success. Therefore, if on your clothes there is an unapproachable trace of lipstick or nail polish, do not pull, proceed to eliminate it immediately.
  • Blot fresh contamination with a dry cloth that absorbs most of the cosmetic product. Just do not rub, but just get wet. After that, you can fill the spot with talcum powder or salt, which perfectly absorb fat.
  • If you did not manage to treat the stain in time and it dried up, then the top layer is best removed with a plastic spoon.
  • Do not try to wash the stain in hot water - this can only exacerbate the problem. In cosmetics, substances that are fixed under the influence of high temperatures are often used.
  • Do not wash the traces of cosmetics with ordinary cosmetic soap - it is better to use household or baby soap. Cosmetic soap contains various additives and perfumes, which, once contaminated, can aggravate it.
  • When choosing a stain remover, consider the type of fabric and dirt. Be sure to read the instructions and labels on the clothes, so as not to spoil the good thing.
  • Whatever bleach you use, whether it’s factory or your own preparation, try to test it on a small inconspicuous patch of clothing somewhere on the wrong side.
  • When removing stains from cosmetics, first start with more gentle means, and only if it does not help, move on to more aggressive ones. The same goes for concentration. Start with a weaker one, and then - if necessary, it can be gradually increased.
  • It is best to remove dirt from the inside out by placing napkins or cloth under the bottom. The stain remover you have chosen is best not to be poured directly onto the stain, but applied to a cotton pad or toothbrush, and processed moving from the edges to the center. Then the stain does not blur.
  • Do not try to remove any traces of cosmetics from everyone - you can just ruin your favorite thing. There is a large selection of stain removers on sale for any type of fabric and stains. In addition, you can use folk methods, but you need to know exactly which ones.
  • If you could not immediately remove the stain, do not be discouraged, try to do it again.
  • After you directly treat the place of contamination, the thing needs to be washed in normal mode.
  • Do not wash the product with cosmetics stains in the washing machine, otherwise - then you will not remove these stains.
  • Do not use the drying mode if the stain is not completely removed. Drying will fix the spot tightly.

Important! When removing stains from cosmetics, it is important to consider the composition of the fabric. If you have suffered an expensive thing made of natural silk or wool, then it is better not to risk it and give the product dry cleaning.

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We remove stains from cosmetics

How to remove stains from cosmetics? It all depends on the makeup itself.

Lipstick, foundation, tan, cream blush

If you have traces of such cosmetics left on your clothes, do not try to wash them with water. Such cosmetics mainly consist of oils or wax, therefore, in order to wash them off, you will need fat-dissolving agents:

  • The easiest way is to use a dishwashing detergent or shampoo. Shampoo is best taken neutral. Dilute in water in a ratio of 2 to 1, apply to the stain and leave for five minutes. Then rinse with water.
  • You can use hair spray. Spray it on contamination and leave it for 10 minutes. After that, clean the place of contamination with a sponge.
  • Fill the problem area with plenty of soda. Leave on for a few minutes, and then pour vinegar or citric acid on the soda.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide. This method is effective against tanning.
  • Traces of lipstick can also be removed with alcohol or ammonia. But here you need to act carefully. Be sure to test the product in a small area so as not to spoil the thing. Before applying the product, the place of contamination must be moistened with water.

Important! This method cannot be used on woolen and silk fabrics.


Friable and compact means

Traces of blush, eye shadow and powder are easy to remove with detergent. Just pour a little washing powder on the problem area, and after 15 minutes, wash, and there will be no trace of stains.


Mascara and eyeliner

How to remove traces of cosmetics from clothes, if these are traces of mascara:

  • It is not so easy to get rid of such spots, it is not in vain that removers are sold for mascara. You can use these particular removers. Put them on the disc and wipe the marks from the carcass.
  • Micellar water sometimes helps.
  • Mix the dishwashing detergent with water in a ratio of 2 to 1 and treat the contamination.
  • If the fabric allows, you can use white spirit.
  • If the stains are persistent, and the thing is expensive, then it is better to use dry cleaning services.


Nail polish

Simple nail polish is easy to remove. Let it dry, and then glue a piece of tape to the area. Tear off the tape with a sharp movement, and with it you will get rid of the stain. And the remaining pale trace can be easily removed by the washing machine.


Hair dye

Very often, when staining hair, spots remain on the towel and T-shirt. How to remove them?

  • Mix in equal parts ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, add some salt. Dilute in water and soak the affected thing in this solution, and then wash.
  • Try removing dirt with alcohol.
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Of course, there are much more ways and means to remove stains from cosmetics. In this article, we have offered you the simplest and most effective so that you can quickly solve a problem.

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