How to clean vomit from the carpet?

Removing stains from the carpet is a rather laborious process in itself, especially if they are caused by vomit. And despite the fact that this is one of the most unpleasant activities, with the right and quick approach, you can efficiently and quickly get rid of traces. Therefore, so that you do not have difficulties, and the process runs as quickly as possible, we will tell you how to clean the vomit from the carpet.

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Inventory you need

In order to remove traces of vomiting from the carpet, you need to prepare in advance things that are useful during work. You will need:

  • Spoon - it can be both a tea room and a dining room;
  • Pure or soda water;
  • Pure dry rags, preferably light;
  • A weighting agent in the form of a stack of books or other heavy objects;
  • Liquid soap;
  • Ammonia;
  • Stain remover with enzymes.
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Removing Fresh Vomiting Stains

How to wash vomit from a carpet? We immediately warn that the procedure is not pleasant, therefore, if you are sensitive to the type of vomiting, it is undesirable for you to carry out it:

  • The bottom line is that, tightly pressing a spoon to the surface of the carpet, you need to clean it of the remnants of vomit.

Important! You can cover your nose and mouth with a medical mask so you don’t hear the foul smell exuded by the stain.

  • After that, clean cold water should be poured onto the contamination. It is best to use soda for these purposes.
  • Next - leave the carpet alone for 30-40 seconds.
  • Now you can take a clean rag and attach to a contaminated surface. Thus, the rag, along with the liquid, absorbs the stain into itself.

Important! As soon as the rag becomes wet, it must be changed immediately, otherwise there is a risk of even more contamination of the carpet.

  • At the end of the whole procedure, it is necessary to treat the stain with a stain remover, according to the instructions specified by the manufacturer.


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Removing dried stains

In order to clean the carpet from stains of vomiting that has already managed to dry, you will have to repeat all that work as with a fresh stain. The only difference is that you will have to carry out the same actions not once, but several, to make sure that the pollution is completely removed.

If this method does not suit you, you can still use ammonia. For this:

  1. Mix one tablespoon with a glass of warm water.
  2. With a ready-made solution, moisten a clean white rag, blot the contaminated area with it.
  3. As soon as the stain is absorbed into the rag, use a dry towel to dry the carpet.


Important! Always check the effect of alcohol on a small and inconspicuous area of ​​the carpet, so as not to accidentally spoil it. It is not recommended to use this method if the carpet is woolen.

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There is no stain, but there is a smell. What to do in this case?

Sometimes there are situations when you vomit removed on time, however, they managed to soak into the carpet, as a result of which a very unpleasant odor emanates from it. If you also encountered such a problem, we offer you a number of ways to remove the smell of vomiting from the carpet.


Use of detergents

This is a great way to get the stench off the carpet. The course of work consists of the following actions:

  • Moisten the damaged area with water. This must be done with extreme care so that the liquid does not soak into the coating and does not spread the stench even more.
  • Apply washing powder to a damp surface, rub well with a stiff brush.

Important! If your carpet is white, at this point you can add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.

  • Vacuum the wet surface of the carpet with an ordinary household vacuum cleaner. If this is not the case, a dry clean rag would be a good alternative.
  • Dampen the carpet again with clean water to remove soapy residue. Help yourself with a brush, as the solution could soak into the fibers. Be prepared for the fact that you may need to repeat this action several times.
  • Vacuum the carpet again or clean it again with a clean cloth until all moisture is removed.
  • Sprinkle the carpet with an air freshener or other identical flavor.


Soda and water

It is also an equally popular and effective method for removing the smell of vomiting. You just need to mix these two ingredients into a pasty state.

Important! If desired, you can add a drop of detergent or hydrogen peroxide to the finished soda paste.

Put the paste on the surface of the carpet and use an old toothbrush to spread it. Leave the carpet alone for a day, then scrape off the hardened soda paste with a knife. The rest of the paste can be removed with a household vacuum cleaner.


Vinegar and glass cleaner

To eliminate the smell of vomiting in this way, you need to adhere to the following course of action:

  • Prepare a solution of window cleaner, water and vinegar. To do this, take one part of the liquid for washing windows and vinegar in two parts of water.

Important! Strengthen the solution with one drop of detergent or dishwashing detergent.

  • Using a brush or sponge, treat the surface of the carpet where it was dirty. Leave it alone for several hours.
  • Remove the soapy residue with a clean rag. At the end, it is advisable to vacuum the carpet.
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Despite the fact that removing stains and traces of vomiting from the carpet is not a very pleasant procedure, nevertheless, it is effective. The most important thing is not to delay, but to start work right away. We hope that our recommendations will help you in the fight against this type of pollution, and you will cope with it as soon as possible and with minimal damage to the carpet and your morale.

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