Throw A Hog

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Throw a Hitch - an online service that allows you to create comfort in the house, attracting private performers. This way you can avoid routine and free up a lot of free time for other things. For service providers provides a convenient side job.

Developers and brief story

Friends of the students from the time of student Roman Kirigetov and Alexander Yuryev created the project. Before the implementation of this idea, both earned quite well (Roman was the head of the company, Alexander was a programmer and developer). The idea came after trying to solve a problem with household chores: it took too long to solve such basic problems as, for example, a broken mixer. The project was presented in 2012, and in 2015 Metnis Kabanchik was bought by the Ukrainian company From this period, the service began to enter the international market.

Principles service

The project is based on the interaction of two categories of users:

  • customers who need some help create tasks, determine a budget and deadlines, and select specialists;
  • Performers - registered users who have certain skills and can apply for tasks.

kabanklEveryone can become both a customer and a contractor. Just like in life: a person can be able to create sites, but can not cope with the replacement of the outlet. Therefore, he will find an assistant to replace the outlet, and he will seek orders for his specialty.

Where I work Wild boars?


"Home master", "Construction work", "Domestic services", "Repair of equipment", "Freelance", etc. In fact, the service covered all relevant life spheres: if initially the emphasis was on household services, now you can even look for tutors, accountants or lawyers here.

Analogs at the world and Ukraine

XlSPbC7xKF4The American service TaskRabbit inspired the creation of the project. The main competitor in the Russian market is a project with a slightly different YouDo model. In Ukraine, in spite of a number of clones that have appeared, “Throw A Hog” predominantly competes with the largest OLX classified ads site.


The project team identifies the following factors as competitive advantages:

  • efficiency - you can find a competent contractor in an average of 2-3 minutes after the design and publication of tasks
  • security - the status of “verified executor” means that the user has provided passport data and passed an online interview. Collaborating with them is safe;
  • saving - due to a direct order from the contractor, you can save 30-50% on payment (compared with the tariffs of service companies or average market prices).


Stock footage

The team Metnitsa Kabanchik intends to reform the services market, improving the quality of work and services, affecting the reduction in unemployment.

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