Why are clothes dyed?

Buying new clothes is a very pleasant event for everyone, especially for a woman. It is good when the acquisition is successful - the thing sits perfectly, emphasizes the dignity of the hostess, and is also of high quality. But how disappointing is the fact that recently acquired clothing is of very low quality, when after it is worn, everything around is dyed with the dye with which the fabric was processed. At least once in their life, everyone has faced a situation where, having removed trousers or jeans, you find under them blue legs and similar underwear. The same situation can happen with a top or sweatshirt, shoes and bags. In this article, you will find out why clothes are dyed, how to establish this fact before the time of purchase, what to do if you still purchased a coloring item.

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Why are clothes dyed?

First you need to understand why some clothes everywhere leave a trace of dye. As a rule, this is inherent in poor-quality things. In the process of manufacturing fabrics for sewing all kinds of outfits, an unscrupulous manufacturer may use a poor dye or not fully comply with the technology of dyeing the material. This will lead to such unpleasant consequences in the future.

Important! It is important to take into account the fact that clothing that dyes and molts very strongly is not only of poor quality in itself, but also dyed with a low-grade dye. In addition to all the unpleasant moments in the wear process, the coloring pigment not only leaves its mark everywhere, but can also be unsafe. Often, poor-quality dye is toxic, can cause allergic reactions and itching of the skin. Therefore, you should carefully approach the selection of new things for your wardrobe.


As you can see, there are not many reasons why the fabric dyes. It's time to figure out how to avoid bad purchases.

Important! More often this phenomenon is subject to those things in the manufacture of which surface coloring was used. If the thing was sewn from threads that were initially given the desired shade, negative consequences are less common. But you are unlikely to be able to uncover the truth about the production technology of this or that thing, especially if you purchase clothes not from famous brands.

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How to protect yourself from buying dyeing clothes?

If you want to avoid buying low-quality clothes, after wearing which your underwear and body change their usual color to the color of the thing, then just remember a few simple recommendations for choosing outfits:

  • Buy only high-quality goods, too cheap things can bring any unpleasant surprises. In addition to dyeing the body and underwear, a poor-quality thing can cause discomfort while wearing and be short-lived.
  • Inspect the uniformity of staining of the fabric. If flaws are initially visible on the outfit, of course, you need to abandon its purchase.
  • Perform a simple and very revealing test in the store. Take a damp cloth or a piece of light, damp cloth, rub them on your favorite thing. If a napkin or rag is stained, then be prepared for the fact that such clothes paint the body. It is best to refuse to purchase such a product.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in determining in advance what clothes are dyed and in time to prevent an unsuccessful purchase.

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What to do if clothes are dyed?

If it so happens that you have acquired clothes that color not only your body and underwear, but also everything around you, then do not despair. Skillful housewives invented several effective ways, after which the thing will begin to shed much less, or even completely cease to leave hateful traces of the dye.


Tips for washing clothes that shed:

  • Always wash such things separately from others, excess dye can dye fabrics, and your outfits will become worthless.
  • When washing, add a few tablespoons of salt to the water - in some cases this will help fix the problem. However, do not soak the tissue in such water for more than half an hour.

Important! It is best to use this method for plain things.

  • Give preference to hand washing - so you can carry out all the recommended manipulations. Moreover, molting clothes are not recommended to be washed with other things. Do not run the washing machine just for the sake of one thing. And the intensity of machine wash is much higher than manual. A poor-quality thing can completely lose its shade from such manipulations and seem to be washed and worn.
  • After washing, rinse clothes in water with vinegar. To do this, first soak the item in warm water with the addition of powder for hand washing. After 15-20 minutes, wash it well by hand and rinse in slightly warm water. Rinse in warm water several times. When you see that the water is almost not stained, the excess dye is washed, pour water into a basin or bowl and add 5 tablespoons of vinegar. Immerse clothes in this container, leave for a couple of minutes, then rinse in the same water. Do not squeeze out the washed outfit excessively and allow to dry naturally. This procedure will help fix the color on the fabric, even slightly refresh it. After this procedure, you may not have to wonder why clothes fade.
  • If your clothes made of wool molt, then there is a special secret. It is necessary to wash the thing in the usual way by hand, and then rinse in water with the addition of liquid glycerin. Mistresses are advised to add a couple of tablespoons of glycerin per liter of water. After thorough rinsing in such a solution, it is necessary to slightly squeeze out the thing, without twisting it, let it dry naturally, without using a heating radiator. An aqueous solution with glycerin fixes color well on woolen products.
  • If you constantly fade jeans, then wash them exclusively by hand. A few washes will noticeably reduce this problem. To fix the color, use a rinse of jeans in water with the addition of vinegar. Keep in mind that the darker your jeans, the more likely they are to stain your legs and underwear. Classic blue jeans fade least. The richer the pigment, the more the denim sheds. Have patience, after 3-5 washings the problem will practically go away.
  • If the item is painted, never rinse or wash it with soda.
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As you can see, there is a way out of this situation. It is important to remember that despite any advice found on the Internet, first of all, follow the recommendations for caring for the thing indicated on the product label. Choose the recommended temperature on the washing machine, according to the advice of the manufacturer. Use only the permitted washing method - you will recognize it by looking at the symbols on the label. If it is recommended to wash the item exclusively by hand, in no case put it in the washing machine. Observing all washing recommendations, you will keep the original appearance of the product for as long as possible.

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