Can suede shoes be painted a different color?

What shoes are the most beautiful, comfortable, comfortable and useful? Of course, suede. She is the most difficult to care for and clean. But time after time we make the choice in favor of suede shoes, shoes, boots, because neither leather nor textiles look so noble and expensive. Despite the fact that such shoes are more expensive and go out of order much faster, we still choose it. When the material loses its color, it erases or fades, instead of throwing away a thing (jacket, bag or sneakers), it is worth trying to save it. Extend the life of your favorite boots or boots. To repaint shabby items, there are a ton of care products for suede wardrobe items. Restore the structure of the product, clean it and even change color. For example, a beloved couple does not fit a new wardrobe or is her color slightly tired? Can suede shoes be painted a different color?

Suede is a natural material, hollowed out of various types of leather. It is characterized by a soft and velvety structure. You can paint it, but experts do not always take on this troublesome task. So we found ways to dye suede boots at home.

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Preparation for painting

First you need to thoroughly clean, rinse and dry the shoes. Do-it-yourself washing solution: 4 parts soapy water per part ammonia. Rub the solution thoroughly, rinse the product in cold water, pat it with a smooth rag over steam.

Important! If there are greasy spots on the shoes, you can sprinkle them with talcum powder, then blow the material with a stream of air.

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Wool paint technology

There are several methods. The most common is the painting of suede shoes with the help of special means for wool.

Important! We use this method because these two materials have common porous properties, and the pigment will lie flat and absorb correctly.

Painting procedure:

  1. After the thing has dried, dilute the paint in warm water.
  2. Add vinegar to the solution. 3-4 times with an interval of 20 minutes rub evenly the paint into the material.
  3. Dry the product.
  4. Dry shoes should be treated with one percent vinegar solution.


Paint for wool is the easiest and most cost-effective way of color processing a product. But if it didn’t work, or if you didn’t find the composition of the color you need, how else can you paint suede shoes?

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Spray and other suede paint

The next method is pigmentation using special dyes adapted for suede materials. They can be found in stores - the choice today is quite large. It can be an aerosol, cream or balm.

Important! Such paint penetrates deep into the fabric and stains it for a long time, it holds firmly and firmly.

Aerosol staining

The easiest way is to change the color of your shoes with paint in the spray gun, because it lays down evenly and does not require additional tools for work.

Operating procedure:

  1. Treat the material with a suede brush, slightly raising the villi and removing dust and dirt.
  2. Seal the sole and heel so as not to smear them with pigment.
  3. Spray paint 20-30 centimeters from the boot.
  4. Dry the product.
  5. If necessary, repeat the staining until the paint is completely distributed.


Liquid paint:

  1. To clear shoes from pollution.
  2. Press the bottle sponge firmly against the product material.
  3. Squeeze out enough pigment by clicking on the bottle.
  4. Spread the paint evenly over the surface of the boot.

Important! The hardest part about shoe care is how to color black suede boots at home? And is it possible to paint dark materials at all? Of course you can. Here the question is in the quality and choice of brand of paint, as well as the number of repetitions.

If light shoes are stained the first or second time, then dark shoes will need to be stained several times. And it is better to take a shade brighter to interrupt the dark base. If you decide to take this step and find the paint, do not skimp: buy two or three tubes or spray cans. They will come in handy.

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Stock footage

As you can see, it’s quite possible to tidy up or even change the appearance of such shoes. And how exactly now to do it - decide for yourself, you have a choice of several ways.

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