How to repair the sole of the shoe if it burst?

We all love beautiful and expensive shoes. And we are very upset when it breaks, bursts, or when something similar happens to it. How to repair and repair the sole of the shoe if it burst is a very common question in various forums, because no one wants to throw away the shoes without trying to restore them. A trip to the master is not always beneficial in terms of unplanned expenses. There are a couple of methods with which you can solve the problem with your own hands, it is about them that will be discussed in this article today.

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Causes of Sole Damage

Why does the sole crack in half and how to close already cracked shoes? Consider the main reasons why the sole bursts, and not only:

  1. The first is the uncomplicated problem in the material from which the sole was directly made. For example, a PVC sole often bursts, it is not flexible enough and strong bends can seriously damage it.
  2. The second reason is the thickness of the sole itself. In the manufacture of thick soles, foam polyurethane or microporous rubber is often used. So, if your sole is just that, most likely it will burst. Yes, such a sole is resistant to any bends, but “does not make friends” with time, as it begins to collapse.
  3. The third reason, the most common, is to stumble upon something sharp. Note that even a small gap will be a big problem if you let it go.
  4. The next reason is the time of year. It is noticed that in the winter the shoes crack more often, due to the influence of severe cold and chemistry on it, which are strewed with ice roads.

Let's talk about whether you can somehow prevent yourself from such situations.

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Problem prevention

In order not to wonder how to repair the sole of the shoe if it burst, follow these recommendations:

  1. When buying shoes, carefully look at the sole so that it is elastic, made of quality material. Rubber and polyurethane soles will be preferred.
  2. No matter how strange it may be read, but do not squat. Yes, yes, it is because of this that damage to shoes begins, corners break and the sole bursts.

We proceed directly to the solution of the problem itself.

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Repair shoes

So what to do if the sole on the shoe bursts? - You can solve a similar problem not even in one, but in several ways.


For this procedure you will need:

  • glue “Moment”;
  • Epoxy sealant “Crazy hands”;
  • means with Desmokol polyurethane.

Important! Be extremely careful and careful, as these products are toxic. If it gets on the mucous membranes, they must be washed off instantly with a stream of running water.

We act:

  1. Since winter or autumn shoes in most cases have soles of a honeycomb design, you will first have to deal with honeycombs. The rubber that covers them will have to be removed to such an area as to remove all accumulated dirt from the holes.

Important! Sometimes access to the honeycombs is from the insole, which must be completely removed when cleaning the holes.

  1. Honeycombs must be covered with small scraps of micropores and filled with silicone sealant, well sealed.
  2. Before sticking a cracked out sole, you need to wait for the sealant to dry and harden.
  3. Then a piece of rubber or micropore is cut out, which enters the hole - if it is voluminous, or small holes are pressed in with a mixture of micropore sawdust and sealant.
  4. The sole of thin rubber is cut to the size of the shoe, glued with the help of an already prepared adhesive on the entire surface of the shoe.
  5. They put shoes or boots under a press or another strongly pressing object.

Important! How much time you need to wait until it dries completely - look at the glue, everything is described in detail there.


Sport shoes

Of domestic adhesives, it is best to use epoxy designed specifically for shoes. Its cost is low, so in comparison with new shoes, it is better to take glue.

How to proceed in order to repair the broken soles of such shoes:

  1. The edges of the hole in the sole must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased with a solvent. When everything dries up, a correctly diluted epoxy is applied.

Important! If the hole is large, it is necessary to lay a fiberglass mesh in it - it is called a sickle.

  1. While the glue dries, so that the sole is flat, cover it with masking glue.

Important! A great glue option is Seamgrip American glue. They seal rubber boats. If you manage to get it, parting with your favorite pair of sneakers will not take long. This is the only glue that completely solves the problem of repairing a broken rubber or polyurethane sole. Its cost is quite high and commensurate with the new inexpensive sneakers.

Imported epoxy mixtures like Done Deal are better than domestic adhesives, but you cannot promise the durability of the sneakers when using them.

Method with internal implementation:

  1. Move away from the crack about 5 cm towards the heel, with a marker draw a line parallel to it.
  2. From the drawn line to the toe of the shoe, clean the sole with sandpaper.
  3. If there is a protector, carefully remove it from dirt.

Important! If you have berets or shoes with a tread of more than 5 mm, then this method will not help you.

  1. After cleaning and degreasing the crack itself with gasoline or acetone, glue it with a good second glue.
  2. After that, draw the markup for future thread grooves.
  3. With a boot knife, cut out small grooves on this marking.
  4. Pull out the insoles from the shoes and stitch the sole with stitched threads on the cut marks.
  5. Apply glue on top of the threads, and after it dries, cover the cleaned and fat-free sole with a micropore or other material. Its thickness should be equal to the thickness of the tread and rubber, which was previously removed with sandpaper.

Bicycle camera

To repair the sole of the shoe if it bursts, a bicycle camera can be used as a consumable. For this:

  1. To clean the inner surface of the crack and degrease it as usual - see above.
  2. With a shoe knife, trim the edges of the sole to a depth of 1 mm, retreating approximately 5 mm in both directions.
  3. Measure the depth of the cracked rubber with a ruler and add another 1.5 cm to this value.
  4. Cut a rectangle from the bicycle chamber, the length of which corresponds to the length of the crack itself, and the width is the obtained value in millimeters.
  5. Clean the resulting strip and degrease, glue with glue on all sides so that on the one hand the entire surface is covered, and on the other leave the edges dry - about 5 mm.
  6. Bend the cracked sole so that the defect opens. Glue it and let it dry a little, preventing the edges of the crack from sticking together.
  7. Glue the greased rubber strip into the bursting place, straighten.
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Stock footage

With such variations, you can easily repair cracked boots, shoes or shoes yourself at home. These options do not require particularly high costs - the purchase of special “Seamgrip” glue is an exception. Therefore, do not rush to part with your shoes, but for a start it is better to try one of the above methods.The main thing is to wear shoes correctly and choose them, and then you will not have to glue and repair anything.

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