How to beat off a droplet 🥝 how to wear a beret

Different troops have their own colors of hats. So, paratroopers wear blue berets, foot soldiers - black, and commandos - speckled. But in order to look neat and stately, you need to work a little on the appearance of the dress. For the military, berets are made from light malleable material. Therefore, as a rule, there are no difficulties in shaping the Ministry of Emergencies and airborne berets.

How to beat off a demobilic biret at home: 4 ways

Before you begin to work, you need to decide which side to take back. Speckles are usually worn with an inclination to the left side. Blue and black berets tend to strike right. And at the time of the military parades, representatives of all units make an edge to the left. Having decided on the form, it remains only to clearly follow the step-by-step instructions.

Method number 1

  1. Before recapturing an army cap or beret, slightly moisten.
  2. Iron it through two layers of gauze.
  3. Place the product on a flat surface and hit the edge with a hammer to make it sharp. In order not to spoil the furniture, use a cutting board.
Instead of a hammer, you can use a steel spoon. But in this case, it will take much more time to shape.

Method number 2

  1. To quickly shape a seamless beret (called a “droplet”), wet and shake off excess water well.
  2. Put the wet product on your head and give it the desired shape.
  3. Wait for the fabric to dry without removing the product from the head.
  4. To finally fix the shape and make the edging sharper, press it with pliers.
If you don’t want to wear a wet beret, place it on a ball or jar or fill it with old newspapers.

Method number 3

  1. Carefully support the lining.
  2. For two to three minutes, dip the product in hot water so that the fabric is wet.
  3. Put on your wet beret.
  4. Pull the crown to the right and smooth it with your palm forward so that an arch-shaped fold forms above the cockade.
  5. Do not remove the headgear for one and a half to two hours, so that the shape is fixed.
  6. With a gentle movement, remove the beret and lay it on a flat surface, wait for it to dry completely.
To fix the form, use auxiliary "tools". It can be clothespins or paper clips.

Method number 4

  1. Well soak the beret in hot water.
  2. Squeeze the product lightly to remove excess water.
  3. Knead the fabric intensively with your fingers to make the edge sharp.

Means for fixing the form

Before beating the beret so that it is solid, the fabric needs to be further treated with a fixing compound. This will allow the wool fabric not to lose shape over a long period of time.

Shaving foam

  1. Wearing a wet takes on your head or dummy, give the desired shape.
  2. Without removing, thoroughly brush it with shaving foam, without missing a single patch.
  3. Wait five minutes for the material to soak in the product.
  4. Dampen your hands in cold water and start rubbing the foam into the fabric with a little effort.
  5. Having got rid of stains, finally adjust the shape and leave the beret to dry completely. It will take about two hours.
During the application of foam, spools may appear on the surface of the headgear. To get rid of them, treat the fabric with a disposable razor.


  1. In two glasses of water, dilute a couple of tablespoons of sugar.
  2. Soak the hat in sugar solution so that the fabric is completely saturated with it.
  3. Beat takes the way you like.
A headpiece treated with sugar syrup will lose shape upon first contact with water. In addition, tissue can attract insects.

Polish for hair

  1. To keep the military beret in shape, spray the hairspray on the inside when the product dries.
  2. When the product is absorbed into the fabric and solidifies, repeat the procedure.
  3. In order for the headgear to become solid and motionless, you may have to use up a whole bottle of hairspray.

Adhesive layer

  1. Take a beret and transfer it to a piece of paper or cardboard to draw a template for the part of the headgear that should retain its shape.
  2. With the help of a pattern, cut the part out of adhesive fabric (usually purse non-woven is used).
  3. Fix the adhesive layer with a hot iron.
The adhesive layer is resistant to water. Thus, even after repeated washing, the shape will hold.


  1. Give the wet cleaner the desired position and wait for it to dry.
  2. Melt the paraffin and treat the areas to be stabilized from the inside out.
  3. Correct the shape, if necessary, and leave the product to dry.

Hard frame

  1. To put the beret on your own, cut out the fragments that require fixing from cardboard or plastic.
  2. Place the solid frame inside the product.
  3. Fix the backing using double-sided tape.

Laundry soap

  1. To beat off a suture beret beautifully, moisten the places that need to be shaped.
  2. Rub the material well with laundry soap.
  3. Wring the edge with your fingers so that it becomes sharp, and secure with clothespins until they dry completely.
Ordinary laundry soap may have a specific pungent odor. For the treatment of headgear, it is better to choose modern means, odorless or with fragrances. How to beat back takes moeno to watch the video.

Berets are worn not only by the military or workers, but also by fashionistas and women of fashion at any age. This headpiece gives the image a special romantic touch and a touch of nobility. Even civilians will find it useful to have military experience on how to beat and dress properly with a seam. Dressing takes and giving the product a beautiful and stable shape, you will always look irresistible.

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