Smart watch: how to properly configure management, Internet and geolocation

Smart watches (smart watches) - electronic devices for tracking time, with an expanded set of functions. They help a person manage a smartphone, track notifications or messages, make calls and monitor their health. But to activate all the functions, it is important to know how to set up a smart watch.

Preparatory work before turning on the smart watch

Device Preparation

Setting up communication, Internet connection, geolocation

Before setting up a smart watch, you need to consider the design of the device: find out the location of the main connectors, buttons and control keys. It is important that the battery is 100% charged. To restore its charge requires a device with a power supply or a docking station. If the smart watches battery does not charge, then you need to check the status of the internal contacts, switches and ports of the device.

To further configure the smart watch, it is important to determine their functional characteristics and device control methods: using gestures or sound signals. If smart watches have slots for installing SIM cards, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with their design features in advance.

After studying the design, you can turn on an electronic device for tracking time. The activation button is large and has a special designation. To enable, you must press the key for 3 seconds. At the first activation, the watch can begin to function either after a few seconds, or after 1 minute.

basic settings

Connection of additional applications

After turning on the device, you need to check the presence of a mobile network. Communication is not available if the SIM card is inserted incorrectly. To activate the network, you need to make 1 outgoing call and accept 1 incoming. It is recommended to select a tariff in advance and register in the personal account of the mobile network operator in order to monitor the balance on the room.

During activation, the system will prompt the user to set the date and time. The watch is equipped with modules that read network information. Therefore, the device itself can choose the time zone and the exact time for the region. A person needs to confirm the proposed option or set other values. Date parameters are entered in the settings.

Some smartwatch options work when connected to the global network. Therefore, it is important to know how to set up an Internet connection. To do this, you need to perform a step-by-step algorithm of actions:

  • Go to the "Settings" section.
  • Click on the “Add Account” tab.
  • Fill out the form by entering basic information about the tariff and the mobile operator.
  • Re-enter the "Settings".
  • Enter the "Data Transfer" section and activate the exchange of Internet traffic.

Internet connection will be unavailable if the balance on the room is not replenished. Some smart watches are able to connect the exchange of mobile data in automatic mode, without entering information about the tariff or carrier.

The following options do not require additional settings:

  • stopwatch
  • sleep analyzer: measures its duration;
  • the calendar ;
  • non-programmable calculator;
  • counters measuring physical activity.

Pairing with a mobile device

To expand the list of functions, you need to tie a smart watch to the phone. When connecting a smartphone to a smart watch, the user can receive text messages, receive notifications and control the main mechanisms of the mobile gadget over a long distance.Pairing is only possible with devices on the Android and iOS platforms. Modern models can synchronize with different types of operating systems. Synchronization can be performed using the following methods:

Phone Sync

Smart Watch Settings

  1. Using bluetooth. Initially, you need to install a program on your mobile device to synchronize with the corresponding model of smart watches and turn on the Bluetooth connection on both devices. A list of available gadgets for pairing appears on your smartphone. Having selected the appropriate device, you need to enter the code broadcast on the phone’s display. To complete the synchronization, click on the “Connect” button. It will become active if the code was entered correctly.
  2. Wi-fi application. First of all, you need to go to the “Settings” section on the smart watch and find the “Wireless Network” tab. A list of available Wi-Fi devices appears. For the selected network, you need to drive in the password and press the "Connect" button. If the password is entered correctly, then the wireless connection will be successfully configured. This synchronization method consumes a large amount of battery power and quickly discharges the phone and smartwatch.

With the correct synchronization of gadgets, the watch will be able to receive calls and messages received on the smartphone. Information will be displayed on the touch screen. The user will have the opportunity to answer SMS text messages, check incoming calls and take photos on the camera without using a mobile phone. Also, by pairing with a mobile phone, a person will be able to manage multimedia files: music, video, text documents or photos.

The program, which is responsible for synchronizing the smartphone with a smart watch, will be able to display data on the physiological parameters of the user: pulse and calories. This feature allows you to plan periods of physical activity and use the gadget as fitness bracelets and a pedometer. The program will also monitor cadence while riding a bicycle or exercising on a sports simulator.

Install additional applications

Smart watch settings

After pairing with a smartphone, the user can download additional programs to increase the functionality of the device. Most third-party applications are invented by smartwatch makers or private developers. The program interface is fully translated into 100 languages ​​of the world, including Russian. Programs are completely free and do not take up a large amount of device memory. To download them, you need to use the built-in Google Play service (if you have the Android platform) or the AppStore (on the iOS operating system).

Location settings

Smart watches are equipped with GPS modules, with which you can track the location of the mobile device and the speed of the user. Tracking is done using satellite navigation, a GLONASS tracker, LBS technology or Wi-Fi networks.

To set up geolocation, you need to install and run the SeTracker application and register the smart watches model ID in it: specify the region, email address, phone number and come up with an account password. If desired, you can specify the radius of the geofence.

Nuances of tuning different models

How to set up a smart watch

Companies involved in the production of smart watches are trying to make products unique to increase sales. Therefore, you need to know how to properly configure smart watches for individual models. It is important to have instructions that provide detailed information on the operation of the device. These documents contain additional illustrations.

One of the most popular brands are Apple Watch, manufactured by the American corporation Apple. They can only be synced with smartphones or computers running iOS. To pair the Apple Watch with the iPhone, you need to bring the phone’s camera to the gadget’s screen.

There is a baby watch. Parents can use them to monitor their child’s location at any time. You will also need to synchronize this watch. download and open the SeTracker program. When registering an account, you need to enter the license code for children's smart watches and set a password. After creating an account, you can track the movement of the child. At Smart Watches for children, it’s important to record the phone numbers of parents. If desired, you can change the radius of the geofence. If the children leave it, a notification will come to the user's phone. This feature allows you to ensure safety for the child and his parents.

The JET Kids and GDS models have a special design. To insert a SIM card into these gadgets, you need to remove the back panel and remove the battery. The housing is bolted together. They must be removed to install the SIM card. Unscrewing is carried out using a special screwdriver, which is included with the smart watch.

Children's devices smart watches

The most popular budget model of Smart Watches are devices from Xiaomi. To activate them, the proprietary program Mi Fit was developed, which works with an Internet connection. When registering an account in this application, you must additionally specify the gender, height and weight of the user. Entering this information is necessary for the stable operation of the pedometer and the options of the fitness tracker. You can associate Google Fit and Apple Health accounts with Mi Fit.

Watches from the Chinese company Huawei also have their own app called Huawei Wear. It provides information on the physical condition of a person when using the functions of Smart Watches. To use the program, you will need to provide the watch with access to mobile phone data in the settings.

Possible malfunctions

Smart Watch Features

Smart Watches purchased from an unofficial supplier may have many external and internal defects. When connected to the Internet, they are able to display the message “Offline”. This malfunction is caused by incorrect data specified during device startup or incorrect network settings. To resolve this problem, you must contact the service center or the technical support of the mobile operator.

According to the reviews of the owners, the largest number of malfunctions occurs in models purchased in the online store "Aliexpress". On this site, users can purchase goods from China at cheap prices. Products sold on AliExpress have poor build quality, which leads to difficulties during device startup. Product instructions are available in either Chinese or English. It is recommended to purchase original watches in official stores or on the manufacturer’s websites.

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