Tips on which iPhone model to buy today

Apple products have long been considered an attribute of a successful person and every year becomes more and more popular. However, the wide range of models presented on the official website of the manufacturer may cause confusion even for users who are already familiar with iOS devices. To decide which iPhone is best to buy, you should familiarize yourself with the basic nuances of choice, technical specifications, reviews and user tips.

What model of iPhone is better to buy

Common advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of any iPhone device is the iOS operating system installed on it - an exclusive development by Apple. All versions of the OS are reliable, undergo rigorous testing, are famous for speed and stability, work without failures and errors. Also among the advantages of "apple" phones can be mentioned:

General advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone

  • Licensed software compatibility with all devices. The current version of the operating system can be installed even on an iPhone released several years ago.
  • In-house chipsets. Typically, ordinary smartphones are equipped with off-the-shelf MTK or Snapdragon processors, while Apple is designing its own chipsets.
  • High quality and scanty reject rate. Original gadgets are made only of proven expensive materials, and the number of defective devices does not exceed 4%.
  • The absence of malware. Closed system code and the strictest control over software allow users to not worry about viruses.

In addition, one cannot ignore such a factor as prestige. Nowadays, a person who can afford to buy a normal iPhone is considered successful and wealthy by default. However, "apple" devices have a number of disadvantages. For instance:

Advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone

  • low autonomy;
  • imperfect auto-correction and spell checking;
  • paid software;
  • lack of slots for memory cards;
  • limited file system;
  • non-removable batteries;
  • high price.

Criterias of choice

To understand which iPhone is better to choose, you need to decide in advance why the device is purchased and what functions will play a key role in it. For example, if the user does not plan to constantly use the gadget for games, reading books and watching videos, he is unlikely to need a large screen - a diagonal of 4-4.7 inches will be enough.

Since no Apple phones are equipped with additional microSD card slots, it will be correct to pay special attention to the amount of internal storage. It’s best to purchase a device with at least 128 GB of memory — for example, the iPhone 6S, XR or the relatively inexpensive SE.

IPhone advantages

The material from which the gadget case is made is also important. Most devices have a back cover made of anodized aluminum and a front one made of durable glass. Such iPhones are resistant to damage, but they are very slippery and often fall out of hand. The cases of the latest models are completely glass and not so smooth, but much less durable - the phone will easily break when dropped, especially if it lands on a hard surface. However, the risk of damage in any case can be minimized using special silicone covers.

It should be noted such a fact as the lack of a headphone jack in some models. Of course, you can listen to music through special wireless headsets, but the charge will increase significantly.Music lovers and people who prefer to watch videos often with headphones are unlikely to be delighted with this.

Recognized Leaders

There is an opinion that the best iPhones are flagships, however, in practice, early models are rarely inferior to them in functionality, but at the same time they are much cheaper. Therefore, before you go shopping, it makes sense to study the rating of devices. At the moment, the top 6 most popular iPhone looks like this:

Apple iPhone 6S

Apple iPhone XS Max

Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 7

  1. Apple iPhone 6S. According to experts, this is one of the most successful products in the history of the company. Although the model appeared on the market in 2015, it still ranks first in terms of sales. An improved 12 megapixel main camera, a fast scanner, a powerful A9 processor, a durable aluminum case, an impressive memory capacity (128 GB), beautiful design and ease of use are the main advantages of the popular iPhone. Among the shortcomings, users usually mention some annoying features of the operating system and a rather high cost.
  2. Apple iPhone XS Max. The representative of the flagship line, the top model in October 2019. Pretty weighty gadget with a large screen that occupies almost the entire front panel. The case of the device is made of tempered glass and medical steel, is reliably protected from moisture. The phone is equipped with a modern A12 Bionic processor, two main cameras of 12 megapixels and two SIM cards (nano and eSIM, the last of which is not supported in Russia), has 256 GB of internal memory. In addition, the XS Max supports gesture control and wireless charging. However, the model is characterized by a rather weak battery, poor equipment and an extremely high price.
  3. Apple iPhone 8. A very powerful and productive gadget with a six-core A11 Bionic processor, capable of holding a charge of up to two days with active use. Among the advantages of this iPhone can be mentioned a glass waterproof case, a good camera, loud speakers, a convenient interface, compactness and ergonomics. But at the same time, the phone has quite significant drawbacks - the “eight” does not have a headphone jack, and its camera protrudes noticeably outside the case. The outdated design of the iPhone 8 is also not successful.
  4. Apple iPhone 8 Plus. Like the previous model, it is characterized by high performance and has a very good main camera, and in addition, it supports the wireless charging function and is not afraid of low temperatures. However, due to the lack of a headphone jack, impressive dimensions and the brand of the back panel, the iPhone 8 Plus is not the best value for money.
  5. Apple iPhone 7. The Seven has a beautiful design, is equipped with a video camera with optical stabilization, a good screen and a durable case, reliably protected from dust and moisture. The quad-core A10 Fusion processor, 128 GB of internal storage, the optimal diagonal, rich color reproduction and battery life of up to two days are the main advantages of the model. But you can choose this iPhone only if the user is satisfied with the flat sound of the spoken speaker and a very mediocre camera.
  6. Apple iPhone XR. Very durable and cool gadget with an interesting design, presented in six shades. The thin case of the phone is made of durable glass and metal, is reliably protected from moisture and low temperatures. The quality of photos and videos is at the highest level, although in portrait mode you can only shoot people. At the same time, the phone is very slippery, and the battery charge is greatly spent when using the camera.

Refurbished and Used Devices

Since Apple products can’t be called budget now, many users prefer to buy refurbished gadgets (refurbished, or simply “refs”). These are factory defective phones in which the manufacturer replaced defective parts, a housing, a display, and a serial number. After the restoration carried out in this way, the iPhones are packed in boxes with the corresponding mark and sent for sale at a reduced price.

As a rule, relatively cheap "refs" in operation are no worse than new devices, so buying such a phone may be ideal for people who dream of an iPhone, but are limited in finances.

In addition, most of the models offered by Apple as refurbished are almost impossible to find new in retail.

IPhone Disadvantages

However, it is very important to be able to distinguish gadgets restored by the manufacturer from used iPhones repaired by resellers. In the latter case, it is likely to encounter screen defects, backlash, hanging buttons, losing the network, non-original accessories and many other problems. To avoid this, you need to know the main features of the restored iPhones:

Apple Certified Pre-Owned

  • The serial number of the refurbished device must begin with the letter F.
  • The box of your refurbished phone is always hermetically sealed and labeled Apple Certified Pre-Owned. In addition, there is no image of an iPhone model on it.
  • Both the device itself and the accessories attached to it should have a factory film.
  • The identifier indicated on the back of the box should match the number specified in the iPhone settings.
  • Models restored by the manufacturer are always sold inactive.

It should be noted that the original "refs" from Apple can only be bought in large retail chains. Small resellers who offer to buy the best iPhone models at a suspiciously low price will probably give out a used device for a refurbished one.

User reviews

In order not to make a mistake in choosing an iPhone, you should not only study the technical characteristics of the models you like, but also familiarize yourself with the reviews on them. The users' opinion about Apple devices is mostly positive, but in some cases, people mention shortcomings in the reviews that cannot be identified before the phone starts operating.

I decided to replace the iPhone 7 with a newer model and acquired the XS Max. Honestly, disappointed. The phone is terribly slippery, it even moves out with wireless charging, it constantly strives to fall out of hands and pockets. At the same time, it is fragile - it fell from a height of 40 cm, as a result, two chips and a very noticeable crack appeared on the rear panel.

When typing on a flat surface, the device staggers due to a convex camera. Communication catches with varying success, the interlocutor periodically disappears. The package bundle is very poor - even the adapter from Lightning to mini-jack is not. In general, a raw product, I would know - I would never take it.


I’ve been using the iPhone 6S for two years now - in my opinion, this is the best phone in the world! Yes, at first the large screen didn’t seem very comfortable, but I quickly got used to it. The battery is excellent, it still holds a charge all day, and even a half. The system works well, there are practically no glitches and crashes. It is a pity that Java is not supported, but it is quite possible to survive.


Used 6S and SE before, now I wanted to buy the "eight". I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the glass - when I dropped the phone edge on the tile, only a couple of small scratches remained on the case. And when using a silicone case, the device would not have suffered at all.

The camera is simply awesome, such clear and high-quality photos have never happened before on any smartphone. True, it was buggy a couple of times - during unlocking the phone vibrated, but the screen did not light up, I had to press the lock button. And once, for no reason, turned off at 80% charge. But I suspect that everything described is the shortcomings of iOS 11, and not the iPhone itself.


Recently switched from iPhone 6S Plus to XR. Great phone, much cooler in all respects! The difference in speed is noticeable with the naked eye, the camera is excellent, applications open instantly, nothing hangs. I really liked the Face ID function - as it turned out, it is very convenient and practical. I am glad that in this line there is a choice of colors, since the standard silver, black and gold are already boring. The headphones that came with the kit were a little frustrating - with an increase in volume, the sound becomes simply terrible, it is impossible to listen to music normally.

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