Smoker's cost calculation

You still have not got rid of such a bad habit as smoking ?! Or maybe you have relatives who cannot stop smoking anyway ?! Are you not very worried about the harm that cigarettes do?

Maybe then you are motivated by the financial side of the issue ?!

Thanks to this calculator, you can calculate how much money you spend on such an addiction. You just need to enter two values ​​- the number of packs smoked per day, as well as the cost of one pack of cigarettes. Give it a try!

You can enter not only integers, but also decimal fractions, but instead of a commaput a point (eg 2.5).

How many packs of cigarettes do you smoke per day, pcs
The cost of 1 pack of cigarettes, monetary units


We hope that you are shocked at the amount of money you waste! Think about what you could buy for your beloved children, wife, or for yourself for the same amount? But already spent it on cigarettes!

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Before it's too late - quit smoking! And spend your money profitably!

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