Calculation of the amount of flooring

Many of us tried to make repairs ourselves or to calculate the costs before starting repairs. This calculator will help you calculate the required amount of flooring whether it is linoleum, laminate or carpet.

Just enter the length and width of your room.

You can enter not only integers, but also decimal fractions, but instead of a commaput a point (eg 15.3).

Room Length, m
Room Width, m

To calculate the number of linoleum rolls, a reference number of 12.5 m was taken2 (6 m roll length and 2.5 m width).

To calculate the amount of laminate was taken - 2.4 m2 . Such an amount of square meters on average in one package.

Stock footage

Amount of carpet 100 m2 in one roll, but most likely you will need a smaller amount of flooring and you can buy in the store only the square you need.


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