Calculation of the need for tiles to repair a bathroom or kitchen

If you need to calculate the number of tiles to repair a bathroom or kitchen, we offer our calculator, which will calculate the required number of tiles. The calculator rounds the value to 10, so when buying, pay attention to this and better buy a couple more tiles.

You can enter not only integers, but also decimal fractions, but instead of a commaput a point (eg 15.3).

Wall Height (m)
Wall Length (m)
Tile Height (cm)
Tile Length (cm)

If you need to calculate how many packs of tiles you need to purchase, take the amount received in pieces and divide it by the number of tiles in 1 pack. For example, 1000 pieces are needed in total, and in a package of 50 pieces, based on this, 1000/50 = 20 tile packages must be purchased.

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Also, based on the result in pieces, you can calculate the approximate cost of buying a tile - the required number of tiles must be multiplied by the cost per unit of goods. For example, 1000 pieces are needed, and 50 kopecks cost 1 piece. 1000 * 0.5 = 500 monetary units for the purchase you need.

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