How to whiten things with White?

To date, the market for household chemicals has a huge variety of a wide variety of bleaches. Nevertheless, most housewives still use “White” to make things clean and fresh. Despite the fact that this is a fairly budgetary tool, with its help faded things can return to their original appearance, get rid of the gray tint and yellowness, and also remove stains of a different nature. But if you use it incorrectly, instead of snow-white cleanliness, you can simply spoil your things. Therefore, in order for you to enjoy pleasant and clean clothes, we will tell you how to whiten things with “White”.

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The principle of White

The composition of this product is based on an inorganic compound of sodium hypochlorite, in which part of the active chlorine is about 95%.

Important! Active chlorine, which is part of the “White”, is responsible for disinfection, dissolution of fats and whitening.

In addition to chlorine, surfactants and perfumes are also present in the composition. The first - contribute to the ease of application of the product and its subsequent washing off from the fabric, the second - interrupt the unpleasant and pungent odor.

Besides the fact that “Whiteness” is an effective whitening agent, it still has a number of advantages:

  1. Effective and effective even in very cold water;
  2. Available in different packaging, so you can purchase the quantity you need;
  3. Versatility, as it can be used not only for washing, but also for cleaning plumbing and ceramic tiles;
  4. Pretty low price position.

The disadvantages of whiteness include the following:

  • Due to its concentrated composition and pungent odor, it is not suitable for delicate fabrics;
  • Promotes the rapid wear of things and shortens their “life” period;
  • Short shelf life, which is 6-9 months.
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What items is White suitable for?

Before bleaching things with “Whiteness”, you need to remember that the composition of this tool is very aggressive. Therefore, starting the washing process, study the composition of the fabric and make sure that it is natural.

Important! It’s not worth whitening synthetics, woolen and delicate fabrics, as well as leather goods, since “Whiteness” can provoke the formation of yellow stains or even holes on them.

You can not use it on colored fabrics, it is able to completely remove the pattern.

Important! On dense fabrics, whiteness is better applied pointwise, directly on the contaminated area.

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How to use Whiteness for hand washing?

The first thing you need to do is sort things by type of fabric.

Important! Put baby clothes in a separate pile. It can also be bleached, only with less “White” and with more rinses.

In addition, due to the aggressive composition, “White” can corrode the skin of the hands. Therefore, prepare thick rubber gloves in advance in which it will be convenient for you to carry out the washing process.

Important! Due to the sharp and toxic smell of chlorine, try to use a mask when working with “Whiteness”.

As for the process of hand washing, it is correct to use “Whiteness” for bleaching clothes as follows:

  • Pre-soak things in soapy water.
  • Fill a separate container with cold water and dilute the required amount of “Whiteness” in it. This should be done in a proportion of 3.5 liters of water - 1 tablespoon of bleaching agent.

Important! It is categorically impossible to breed undiluted “White” in hot water.

  • Pour the finished chlorine solution into a basin with soaked things, leave them to soak for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse the products several times in clean water.

Important! If clothes cannot be bleached, repeat this procedure at least once more. You can also use other ways outlined in our separate articles:

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How to wash clothes using whiteness in a washing machine?

If you decide to machine wash using this product, you should know that it can corrode many parts of this unit. Therefore, starting the process, think carefully about your decision.

Important! Many manufacturers in the instructions indicate whether or not to use “White” in a particular model of the washing machine.

The process of machine washing with the use of “White” consists of the following steps:

  • Sort the white items by type of fabric and soak in cold water.
  • Dilute the bleach with water and pour into the washing machine.

Important! In order to reduce the risk of damage to the unit, “White” should be poured immediately into the drum, and not into the detergent drawer. In addition, you can check the drum for resistance to chlorine. To do this, wet the cloth with “White” and wipe the drum with it, and then monitor for a possible chemical reaction.

  • After the wash cycle, add a few extra rinse modes. This must be done until you completely remove chlorine from the tissue.

Important! This tool, although quite aggressive, but popular not only for bleaching clothes. How else can you use it, find out from our separate reviews:

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Precautions While Working With Whiteness

Since “Whiteness” is a very aggressive product, it is very important to adhere to some rules, thanks to which you will not only achieve the desired result when washing, but also do no harm to your health:

  1. If bleach gets on an open area of ​​the skin or mucous membrane, the affected area should be washed immediately under clean running water or seek help from a specialist.
  2. Once inside, “Whiteness” can cause severe burns to the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, hide the bottle with the product from small children and pets.
  3. Keep the product away from sunlight in a closed room.
  4. Try not to leave “White” on the balcony or in the open air, as it erodes and quickly loses its properties.
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"White" is an effective tool that is a must have for every housewife, especially during the whitening of things. However, when working with this substance you need to be extremely careful, since in addition to the benefit, it can cause irreparable harm to both clothing and your health.

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