How to bleach things with ammonia?

During operation, the white textile dims and acquires an ugly gray hue. But this is not a reason to abandon your favorite clothes and put them on rags. We’ll figure out how to bleach things with ammonia (ammonia), as well as other “grandmother's” methods. They will help return textiles to a snow-white, radiant look. So, for the job!

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The algorithm is as follows:

  • If the items turn yellow, soak them before washing in soapy water. To enhance the effect, use ammonia - 1 tbsp is enough. l for 5 liters of water.

Important! It is convenient to bleach things in ammonia, since it has a softening effect on water, and also binds magnesium salts. They are the source of unattractive yellowness on things.

  • Laundry soap copes well with the elimination of gray plaque on white fabrics. Soap the product, put it in a bag made of polyethylene. Tie it in such a way as to prevent air from entering, and leave it for about a day. For subsequent washing, add ammonia in the same proportion.
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Methods of whitening folk methods

How to bleach with ammonia? These are affordable and simple tools that are available in every home. At the same time, the effect is wonderful.

How to whiten things in ammonia and soda?

  1. Stir 6 tbsp. l soda in 5.0 l of warm water.
  2. Pour in a solution of 2 tbsp. l ammonia and soak laundry for 2 hours.
  3. Then rinse thoroughly and wash in the usual way.

If yellowness does not lend itself to soaking, you will have to boil the laundry in a soda solution.

Important! You can only digest cotton products - bedding, socks, underwear, and towels. In a separate article of our portal of useful tips you will find other effective recipes for boiling bleach.

Ammonia + peroxide + sodium chloride

Return the original whiteness to cotton or wool products will help the solution: 2 liters of water - 3 tbsp. l hydrogen peroxide, a handful of salt and 1 tbsp. l ammonia. To enhance the effect, add a little washing powder to the solution. Soak your clothes for 3 hours, and then wash as usual.

Important! The powder is preferably used in good quality. And it doesn't have to be a super-expensive tool. Our partner will help you find this. detergent rating.

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Proper Wash: Useful Tips

In order not to have to bleach things in ammonia, potassium permanganate or to perform any other manipulations with them, it is important to observe the washing rules:

  1. Do not wash white and colored linen together.
  2. Wash cotton or linen separately from woolen and synthetic fibers. If you neglect this rule, they will gradually turn gray from white.
  3. Using a washer, use bleach powder. It will help maintain the original whiteness of things.
  4. Wash cotton and linen at a temperature of 60 degrees. A little salt will create a light whitening effect.
  5. To keep your clothes durable and beautiful longer, browse through a separate selection rules for washing clothes from different fabrics.
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Stock footage

Despite the fact that all of the above products have worked well and really “work”, it is often not recommended to use bleaching, as the textiles quickly wear out.

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