How to restore suede?

Surely, every fashionista has a suede product, whether it be shoes, a jacket, a jacket, gloves, a bag, which initially looks very impressive. But no matter how expensive and high-quality material, they would not be sewn, unfortunately, over time, the original presentable look is lost, scuffs appear that need to be hidden or completely removed. Before throwing away your favorite thing, use our tips on how to restore suede if it has worn off in places.

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How to care for suede?

Suede is a very soft and finely crafted pile leather with a velvety surface. This is a very moody material, which very much does not like dirt, water, dust and bright sun.

How to restore suedeIn order for a thing from suede to serve you as long as possible, use the following means:

  1. Suede cleaner.
  2. Eraser or a special brush for suede.
  3. Spray - a dye of a certain shade.
  4. Water-repellent universal gel or special water-repellent impregnation.
  5. Paint for suede.

Important! Careful use and proper care extends the life of each product. Choose quality products from well-established manufacturers. Follow the link whereranking of the best professional suede care products.

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How to restore suede?

They took their suede boots out of the box and saw bald patches or stains of dirt on them, don’t know what to do next? Do not rush to throw it away, you can still restore them.

The most suitable option if you contact a special institution: atelier, dry cleaning or workshop. There you will be offered the most suitable procedure for restoring your suede.

In their arsenal are many different services. If necessary, they will conduct you:

  1. Special dry chemical treatment of suede in the car.
  2. Remove glue.
  3. They will carry out fatliquoring and restore the softness of things.
  4. Eliminate bald patches from the product, make teasing.
  5. Restore the color of the product, carry out tinting.
  6. Apply antistatic impregnation.
  7. Treated with water-repellent impregnation.
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How to restore suede at home?

If for some reason you do not want to use dry cleaning services, you can try to restore suede at home.

For this you will need:

  • soap solution;
  • baking soda;
  • milk;
  • semolina;
  • ethanol;
  • special paint for suede;
  • suede brush;
  • water repellent impregnation;
  • soft cloth;
  • talc;
  • synthetic sponge;
  • magnesia;
  • turpentine.
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How to upgrade suede at home?

Before restoring a suede item or shoes at home, read the instructions for the correct process. It involves several stages.

Stage 1. Cleaning

Remove dust with a special sponge:

  1. Take a special brush that has a synthetic sponge on it.
  2. Sponge the surface of the suede.
  3. Perform her movements in random order.

Stage 2. Stain removal

Remove grease stains with talcum powder and alcohol solution:

  1. Sprinkle a grease stain with talcum powder, leave it on for 10 minutes.
  2. Shake off talcum powder.
  3. Take an alcohol solution and wet a rag with it.
  4. Rub the talcum powder stains with a rag.
  5. Brush.

Semolina help remove stains from dirt:

  1. Take the decoy.
  2. Sprinkle it on the dirt.
  3. Brush the dirt with a sponge.
  4. Take a brush with metal teeth and go through it on the product.

Important! Severely contaminated item, hold it above the steam first and then brush. Set to dry away from direct sunlight and from batteries.

Important! If spots have formed on winter shoes, and the reason is salt, then you need to use special products, about which you will find detailed information on another page of our website at the linkhow to remove salt from suede shoes.

Stage 3. Removing bald patches

Baking soda and milk will help to remove baked places:

  1. Prepare a solution of 1 tsp soda for 3 tbsp. warm milk.
  2. Take a soft cloth.
  3. Blot it with a solution and squeeze.
  4. Walk through the areas with bald patches.
  5. Wash the rag, unscrew it.
  6. Go to those places again.
  7. Leave the boots for 30 minutes, let them dry.
  8. Take a brush with a rubber tip.
  9. Take a walk on her product.

Stage 4. Impregnation

How to restore suedeSoak thoroughly with a special water-repellent spray or gel, which will protect the product from moisture.

Important! After you have impregnated the product, allow it to dry thoroughly at room temperature.

Stage 5. Coloring

Apply a special paint for suede, after choosing the right shade. A detailed master class on the implementation of this work, read in another article of our portal -how to dye suede shoes in a different color.

Important! If you can’t find the right shade, use colorless paint.

Stage 6. Finishing cleaning

  1. Leave the suede product in an open area until the paint has completely dried.
  2. Once again, walk on it with a special synthetic brush.
  3. Now you can safely carry them or put them in a closet.

Important! Never store things and shoes made of suede in plastic bags, otherwise you will ruin them.

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How to restore and clean a very dirty suede?

In the event that you have heavily soiled suede boots, which in your opinion nothing will help, do not worry. Follow the procedure below:

  1. Pour warm water into the basin.
  2. Add liquid detergent to it.
  3. Wash shoes in this soapy water.
  4. Remove and wipe it thoroughly with a dry cloth.
  5. Fill dry rags or newspapers inside.
  6. Put and wait until they dry naturally.
  7. Treat suede with a water-repellent spray.
  8. Take a soft brush and clean the suede fabric.

Important! Periodically apply a water-repellent spray to suede shoes and update the color with a special paint. These simple steps will extend the age of your shoes.

If the shoes are so worn out that it could not even be put in order by thorough cleaning, there is another option -

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How to clean light suede?

Light suede is doubly pretentious to care and naturally becomes soiled much more often and faster. To always look really beautiful in such clothes or shoes, take note of an effective way to clean and restore light suede:

  1. Take warm unboiled milk.
  2. Add to it magnesia, turpentine and talc in equal proportions.
  3. Treat contamination with this mixture.
  4. Leave for some time - it depends on the degree of contamination, but not more than 30-60 minutes.
  5. Scrub off the cleaning brush with a soft sponge.
  6. Make sure that the dirt has come off.
  7. Walk on the surface of the material with a brush, treat dust and dirt with a protective solution.
  8. Wait for it to dry.

Important! If possible, it is better to contact dry cleaning - this is a more reliable way to clean light suede.

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We hope that our tips come in handy and you have restored suede things that you didn’t hope to update!

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