How to wash the washed bedding?

Probably, each of us faced such a problem that the laundry after washing does not quite look neat. Even the latest model of a washing machine is not always able to produce high-quality washing, thanks to which things would have a pleasant, not faded and washed out appearance. It is already unpleasant to use them, but not everyone has enough money for new ones. Therefore, we will tell you some secrets on how to wash the washed bedding, for example, a greasy sheet or yellowed pillowcases, so that in the end it looks like brand new.

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Proper washing technology is the key to success

Do I need to soak the laundry before washing in the washing machine? The first thing you should pay attention to is the correctness of the process of washing bedding as such. Of course, the automatic machine greatly simplifies the life of every housewife, because you just have to load things and turn on the desired cycle. However, the results of such washing are not always satisfied. Therefore, so that in the future you do not have collapses, it is very important to properly wash dirty bedding.

This process consists of the following stages:

  1. Pre-Soak Using bleach (for white) or stain removers (for colored linen).
  2. Boiling using modern household chemicals.

But if, nevertheless, something went wrong and your bedding lost its color and became a yellow-gray hue, we offer you a number of effective ways to help solve the problem.

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Modern means

Today, household chemical stores sell a ton of products that will help you wash the laundered bedding and restore its attractive appearance and softness.

Laundry soap

Thanks to this tool, you can not only remove various stains, but also wash old things. You can simply rub them with household soap and leave them in this condition for a couple of days or pre-soak them for several hours in soapy water and then boil them.

Important! Laundry soap, in principle, is considered a universal remedy for any kind of pollution. Why - find out from our article “What is laundry soap made of?”.


When bleaching white linen without this tool, alas, you can not do without, as it helps to cope with yellowness and gray washed shade. “Whiteness” copes with its tasks so effectively that housewives often add it directly to the powder tray of the washing machine. And you can use it in another way to surely get the expected result. Only this will take time. Read how to boil things with whiteness and not only.

Important! “Whiteness” is a rather aggressive remedy that significantly shortens the “life” period of your things.

Dishwashing liquid or “Domestos”

These two products are also aimed at removing yellowness and bleaching bedding. They are very effective, while being much more careful about things, unlike White. They can be used both for pre-soaking, and directly in the washing process.

Important! When you have successfully solved the problem with washing, you also need to iron the sheets correctly.To make this process not too tiring for you, read the detailed instructions, how to iron bedding quickly.

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Folk ways to deal with washed laundry

Despite the lack of washing machines and expensive modern detergents, the bedding of our grandmothers and mothers was snow-white and pleasantly smelling. So what is the secret to such success? There are several very effective ways that our parents actively used and thanks to which the problem of how to wash the laundered bedding simply did not arise.

Baking powder or starch

This is a great way to restore the pillowcase, duvet cover and sheet to its former whiteness and freshness. To do this, soak the laundry in a solution that is prepared in a ratio of 1-2 tablespoons of starch or baking powder in 5 liters of water.

Important! When washing linen in starch solution, you can not rinse it later in clean water. Starch will give it smoothness and pleasant softness.

Another option is to put starch directly into the drum of the washing machine. Most who have tried this method praise it and say that the effect is no worse than when rinsing in solution.

Boric acid

This tool can be easily found in a pharmacy. It is used by housewives to enhance the purity of things and is a kind of “conditioner” in the rinsing process. To do this, 1-2 tablespoons of boric acid must be diluted in 3 liters of warm enough, but not hot water. At the end, rinse the laundry in clean water.

Important! Pay attention to the fact that the process of rinsing things should take 3-10 minutes, no more.


In especially severe cases, when washing washed linen, you may come to the rescue ammonia. This tool is very effective in pre-soaking. The most important thing is that the water is hot enough, about 70 degrees.

Important! Try not to use one ammonia, but to add various additives to the rinse, such as salt, hydrogen peroxide or baking soda.

In addition, a solution with ammonia is very effective in the digestion of bed linen. The most important thing is not to be present in the kitchen at this moment, as harmful fumes are released that can harm your health.

Hydroperide or hydrogen peroxide

These two tools will help you restore your old and attractive appearance to your washed bedding. The essence of this method is that you need to dissolve 200 milliliters of hydrogen peroxide or 10 tablets of hydroperide in 3 liters of water and soak bedclothes in the finished solution.

Important! To enhance the effect, you can add 1 teaspoon of salt or baking soda.

Soda and salt

These two ingredients are found in the everyday life of every housewife. In addition to its nutritional properties, soda and salt can bleach washed bedding. In its pure form, soda can be added directly to the washing machine, and for pre-soaking it is best mixed with shavings from laundry soap and hydrogen peroxide.

Important! Pay attention to the fact that the solution must be very hot.

The laundry is soaked in this solution for several hours, after which it is washed in the normal mode.

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As you can see, you can wash the laundered bedding. The most important thing is to have patience and endurance. Only in this case you can not boast of gray and yellow, but bright and pleasantly smelling things.

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